Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Best Things I've Ever Heard

"she's elite she is the Junior champion for the Olympic Trials"
don't you just love it when people try to talk like they know things about gymnastics? or they just spell things horribly? or they are just bad. Here's some more:

"she could have gone to the 2008 olympics but she was too young so she is goin in the 2013 olympics when she graduates!!"

tripleaxel11: what happened to your miley vids i luved them
mileycyrus990: cause im trying to go all shawn

"i'm trying to go all shawn" haha thats funny.

Athlete065:very kool! i like it! whos footage?but i like it!
mileycyrus990 : F.Y.I its not any of your bussnise

does anyone wlse extremely enjoy the way milecyrus990 spells buisness?

oh and while we're on the topic of mileycyrus990, CAN YOU BELIEVE SHE HAS THE NERVE TO PUT HER NAME ON THIS VIDEO? she literally put her name in the back of this video so no one would steal it! Whats gonna happen? Is she gonna steal it from herself? and i also love that when she makes montages on her own, they can only be 30 seconds long.

"CRAP u are a fricken little spoiled brat u little butt head i feel like im arguing w/ a 8 year old about candy bring it on little girl bring it the fight is on...." <-- another awesome line.

" I can't cut videos, I still have to learn how to do that"

^^now thats just sad^^

AND NOW.... for a football players logic on why gymnasticsbabie is not a level 10 gymnast:
"im asking this nicely so dont get made. if your a level 10 gymnasts why dot u compete in national events. also u wouldnt have time to make montages on the computer."

also from gymnasticsbabie's page:
"Hey! Is that you on your background??Are you flexible?"
PS: here background is a picture of Shayla Worley.

this was on a Alicia Sacramone Video:
"Well, firstable i want to say that i really LOVE ALICIA and hopefully i can get on Olympics Games in 2012 In London, I wanna be like her andshe always give me the streght i need to belive to my dream come trueso hope you enjoyi chose this song cause i Think she can get Whatever she Like(L)(L)(L)(L)(L)"

More to come later.
Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Sneak Preview just for y'all!

if you watched my latest video then you should know that i went with the second, but o changed it a little and this is what it turned out to look like! Sneak preview just for the blog readers!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I wish i wasn't such a yutz but...

I just totally discovered high quality on youtube. It sounds crazy cuz its been around for ever but i didn't understand when everyone was like "you should watch this vid in high quality". but i was like: "what does that mean? and how does that even make sense?" i'm such a dork. well, now i'll tell you this: what this video: in high quality because the 2007 US National Footage is gorgeous even if you don't like the rest of the montage.

oh and take a look at this and tell me which beginning you like better:


Friday, December 19, 2008

New Pitchas.

I thinks they are super cool, so if you would use them on youtube, i would be honored. Many more at:
-word out-
Merry Christmas!
and/or Happy Hanakuh! <--- excuse my spelling

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top Gym Results:AA

Jordyn won [go figure] and Kami placed third [even with a couple falls] Im looking forward to interviewing her soon!
-peace out-

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Montages From Moi

Hey, you! I've got a new montage up!! Watch it please! its on Rebecca Bross and Rheagan Courville for a contest. I picked them because they were both injured and unable to compete at 2008 Nationals and I also picked them because they do some similar skills. The reason i used What I've Done by Linkin Park was to show that they've made mistakes in the past but now they're trying to clean up and do better now that they will be seniors this year.

Also i'm interviewing Kamerin Moore when she gets back from Top Gym Competition! If you have any questions that you're DYING to ask her. Let me know.
^^^All of these posibilities to interview someone courtesy of Whitney of^^^

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm so excited!

Okie dokie, so guess what i get to do now? I'm writing the bios for all the gymnasts on! And making the questions for the interviews they are doing! Yay!!! Its kinda what i've always wanted to do!! Yay!! I'm just so happy. Go to and click on either Jordyn Wieber's or Melissa Metcalf's profiles and those are the ones i wrote so far!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Friggin Lord, How many times do I have to repeat this?

Yah know, if your gonna read my blog don't just skip over the stuff that you can't argue about. I have repeated this twice already and i am posting for the 3rd time so people stop attacking me.

"I don't think people fully understand me. I don't like chellsie memmel. true, but don't mistake for one minute that I don't respect what she did for the sport of gymnastics and the USA Gymnasts as a whole. She is a positive role-model. Most of what I say on this blog is just me being sarcastic. Please don't take it the wrong way because that would be unfortunate. "

-love corinne-

ya'll arguers annoy me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hehehe. My social experiment has been a sucess!

Yay! okay so, remember when i made that video of Chellsie Memmel, saying i didn't like her? well I remember saying that because people are retarded, they would instantly attack me about it if i ever put it on youtube. I wanted to test this theory because apparently on youtube, you are unable to express your opinion about any certain subject nicely, or you will get shot down.

This is what i put in the info box of the video:
"IF THE FATHER THING OFFENDS YOU: JUST KNOW THAT I WAS BEING SARCASTIC AND ITS A JOKE AND ITS FROM "STICK IT" calm down already. lol Also, i'm sorry about the jesus reference and its copyrighted to meghan a short little montage on how i don't like chellsie memmel. Don't worry, i respect her as a gymnast and blah blah blah blah blah. but i'm just saying that if i met her in real life, i wouldn't be her friend...and i'm not fond of her brand of gymnastics. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED"

I specifically stated that i respected her as a gymnast and that i just wasn't a big fan of her. Granted, this video was a little harsh, but whatever. So this is what some person wrote. I don't even care what they're name was:

"r u serious?! if u met her in real life u WOULDNT BE HER FRIEND?!?! U hav no idea how she acts and if she is nice or not. I hav met chellsie during nationals 2006 and she is a very very nice person. u hav no reason to bmake a montage of chellsie and saying that u dont like her and that her form isnt very good! i bet that u cant do much of anything she can do so dont go around sayin "legs together!" or "horrible form!" becuz i bet u suck @ gym and r just jealous of her. F**K u and F** off!"

Is it just me, or am I allowed to not be friends with anyone i want? and Its my personal opinion that i have every right in the world to say i don't like someone. But i didn't write anything back, because he/she has his/her opinion and I have mine. Oh and don't worry, if chellsie memmel actually read these things i wouldn't put that up, now thats just mean.

Moral of the Story: If you don't agree with an opinion on youtube, don't write a comment about it because that person who made it will never care even if you know you are right./don't make a montage saying you don't like someone because that also doesn't work either.

PS: they didn't have to use language. i got the point off what they were trying to say. Whateva i'll prolly take it off soon enough or that kid will like shoot me. [with a paintball gun, of course]


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Don't Mean to Bring up Ancient History, but...

mileycyrus990 is a pain in the "a" double snakes! and yes i do use "secret" language to express that one word for the audience under 12 [mileycyruss990 and company] and for the rest of us older folks: i meant ass. ANYWHO! oh! and can i just say that i hate typing out mileycyrus990? I NOW DECLARE HER NEW NAME IS: agatha. why agatha, you ask? because it reminds me of a witch, a big nose and everything wrong with society today. [i apologize to anyone out there with that as they're real name, i am deeply sorry for having to use it on such a horrid person]
Back to the actual point: the point is that theres a new sheriff in town and their youtube name is "mileycyrus990hater" best invention since spaghetti, and if you don't like spaghetti then you should try it because its delicious! Anyway, this girl posts all of mileycyrus's videos that she used someone else's footage in and give credit to the original montagers.
She also posted part of this very blog on her thing so that makes me happy. Please please please subscribe to her, not because you hate agatha, but because you want to stop montage stealing. See, its kinda like a bill named after a person. For instance "Kathy's Law" the law is prolly about preventing sexual abuse or something but Kathy inspired it because she was a victim. Now we have mileycyrus990hater and it is a campaign against stealing montages inspired by agatha! Except agatha isn't the victim but... you get what i mean, right? Okay, so just do me a favor and friend her on youtube!

please and thank you with an apple pie on top!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay, International Assignments!!!

Okay, so USAG just announced the peeps their sending on thy "oh so prestigious" assignments internationale.

Pan American Gymnastics Union Individual Event Championships, Rosario, Argentina, Nov. 19-23

Corrie Lothrop
Rebecca Bross
Sam Shapiro
Olivia Courtney

good deal, i bet they'll bring home the gold. Its still unbelieveable to me that rebecca & company are now seniors. They still seem so little. But oh well.

Top Gym, Charleroi, Belgium, Nov. 28-30
Kamerin Moore
Jordyn Wieber

go figure, the Geddart Twins are going to the same international assignment...oh well, we all know that means they're going to win.

International Artistic Gymnastics Challenge, Woluwe Saint-Lambert, Belgium, Dec. 13
Amanda Jetter
Corrie Lothrop
Olivia Courtney

good job Amanda Jetter! nice to see you got an international assignment. too bad for Cassie Whitcomb though.

This just in, but not actually...
Chicago will host the 2009 Tyson Cup. I Wonder where nationals will be this year?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Politics of it All...

doesn't the off season suck?
waiting around...
just sittin'...

That election was...
never mind.

Los New Website-os

as many of you might already know, i'm completely in love with & [both run by the same person] and what do yah know? she/he [i don't remember who runs them] has fresh meat websites!!!!! yay! They're not up yet, but he/she is workin' on it!

Pua Hall [of GAGE]
Stefani Catour [of Desert Lights]
Sophina Dejesus [of SCEGA]
Sophia Lee [of WOGA]

cool, huh?

oh yeah! I forgot!

Congrats, we've once again proved. That Al Fong is crazy.

watch it! I feel so bad for Ivana! I would've punched him in the face and left that dump. I can't believe he's so abusive.

-peace out, girl scout-

Sunday, November 2, 2008


OKay, what the hell is audio swap? and why do i have to swap the audio of my montage? Excusemoi? I'm purty sure we make montages so they go with the song. Swaping the freaking audio is guy. Back off Kanye west... back off!

Okay so this is what happened: I got a message that says that i have to swap the audio of my one montage because it has been tagged as copyright infringement of the song (stronger by kanye west)

How gay is that?? reh-healy gay that's how gay. Like Tim Daggat Gay
Anyone else having these audioswap problems?
Digame (talk to me)

-Screw you Kanye West- [just kidding]

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Claire Hom Owns.

Let's face it: The kids that are Pre-elites now are the future. So, why not interview one? Plus, its easier to get one of them to agree to be interviewed then some already-known-too-good-too-famous-big-superstar-gymnast. Oh yeah, its way easier. So what about Claire Hom? I don't know. I felt i should prolly make it up to her from my last post since I showed her as an 11-year-old shawn johnson lover [and probably portrayed her as a disney lover too] and we definitely don't need anymore Mileycyrus990's of the world...if you know what I mean... so here's what she's really all about: Gymnastics! Go figure, no but seriously:

When&Why did you start gymnastics?
I started gymnastic when I was 2 1/2 years old because dance didn't drain enough of my energy. I started at the YMCA

What level are you competing this year?
I'm competing level 10 and pre-elite in the summer

What are some short term goals for you this year?
My short term goals are to have a good level 10 season. Hit 4 for 4 at every meet, and make it to JO Nationals. In really short terms I want to get a strong vault!

Any new skills this year?
The new skills I am working on bars are a reverse hect, stalder blind full, khorkina realese, double layout dismount. The skills I'm working on beam are a switch leg side aerial, front aerial to scale, 2.5 dismount and punch fronts. The skills I am working on floor are triple fulls[which i have landed on the floor but not yet in competition], double pikes, 2.5 punch fronts, and a triple turn. My vault is a little weak and I am working on yurchenko tuck half, tuck full, half-on front off, and a layout.

Are you planning on testing elite?
Yes, there are no qualifiers in Arizona this year so it will be an out of state competition

Are any of your teammates also reaching elite status?
Yes, actually quite a few are. First there is the most amazing person ever Stefani Catour, and theres Arianna Ruth, and Kayla McMullan. They all competed at the US Challenge with me. We also have a new gymnast at our gym, Mykayla Skinner who is also planning on elite.

Haha look at that: I WIN! Actually claire wins but same difference. Oh and you heard what she said about Stefani Catour. For real on the cereal tip: Shes sooo good too. click it to have your mind blown off <--- 11 years old, people!

Moral of the story: Watch out for Claire Hom and Stefani Catour for their future gymnastics endevears.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back, Baby!!!

yay! i'm back full time to blog until my blog can't possibly blog anymore. Thats nice, isn't it. Which means..... back to SARCASM! God, i've missed you old pal. But, know that Chellsie's gone... what will I be sarcastic about? Elfi Schlegel? French Toast? Coffee? New Mexico? Naw, how bout the new batch of Junior Elites gettin' websites! Yaaaaaaaaay for the 12 year olds! They are soo cute!
Hello my name is Claire Hom. I am a Scorpio. I like Hollister, Gossip Girl and Shawn Johnson. (like all 11 year olds do) I am a level 9 that calls myself a pre-elite. And i go to Desert Lights! Now, that was a little mocking... and I apologize... sorry. She is a cutie though so all is good. I'd expect to see her at Us Classic if not Championships in '09 so look out. Rawr.
Hi! I'm Briley Casanova and I will go to the 2012 olympics because I attend WOGA. I was coached by Anna and Valeri when I was 6 so i must be good. And It was my first year as a Level 10 and I made the Junior National Team... I WIN!!! She's pretty cool, no lie. Look out for her.. fur sure. Triples (beautiful) Beam (amazing)

~check it.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

To Roxic2:

To tell you the truth, i really didn't care who won that night. I believe that if Shawn would've gotten fair scores on beam and bars, it might have been a closer contest. but, honestly i think that nastia deserved it too. She proved everyone wrong and came back to beat the 2007 World Champion. But to tell you the truth, i think it's unfair that on that one night, nastia was just a little bit "better" since shawn has been beating her all this time. And for that matter, where's shawns award for crzy consistenency? she NEVER falls. EVER. and i think she should be rewarded for that. that's a big thing in gymnastics but the media doesn't pay attention to that because, well, they don't know too much about gymnastics do they? they just see the gold medal around nastia's neck and she's an instant hero. while shawn is pushed to the side regretting that stupid step on her amanar. I'm not saying that nastia shouldn't be regarded as a hero either, she should. It's just that the media is regarding her as a hero for reasons that aren't neccesarily reasons to be called a hero. Just because you win a gold medal, doesn't mean you should be automatically a hero. Nastia should be a hero because she was down, badly. She made a huge embarrsassment at the 2007 US Championship. That gave the media time to put her down, count her out, and time for her to prove everyone wrong later. She's worked through the good and the bad, and still came out on top. She is a hero. But the ordinary person at home doesn't know all that... if only they knew...

Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the Record...

This is what "Boba-cha" said to me:

Wow... people like you are why I want China to win. Despite everything, they performed better, scored higher, so boohoo, USA lost, big deal. Read this article:'ll do you some good... to show that US' commentators (and people in general) are biased, and borderline racist. Case in point, you :)Thanks for proving it to me over and over again that this is true... really. Good job America!

and i replied with this...
for the record "boba-cha" The USA absolutely does not deserve to win. so don't give me that "oh you're just like all the other americans" crap. Yes, the US commentators are biased. of course they are! if it was the other way around and the controversary was on the US, the chinese commmentators would be biased too. that's the way things work around here. but do you honestly believe i form my opinions according to what the canadian and gay man say? [elfi and tim] i don't form my opinions on what bela says either. I THINK FOR MYSELF. and that is what myself thinks... that He Kexin is 14 years old, not because someone told me, because i did the research and that's what i believe. And don't you dare call me racist... ever. that's just ridiculous. i have nothing against the chinese people. except for the fact that they put a 14 year old girl on their team.

puh-lease! don't give me your crap, keep your anti-me comments to yourselves people!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, i hate to say "I Told You So"

for god sakes! just pick of age girls! Now, you're going to be left with two bronze medals because they found even MORE evidence [like they need anymore] to show that He Kexin [and others] are 14. [and younger] Will you please learn? It will help you in the long run! I promise.
In other news: my montage contest ends in two days, ENTER IT please!

I love you all,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Again, i wish bela was my grandfather!

Yay! go team USA! i'm so proud of nastia and shawn! yay! although shawn should've gotten better scores. the best part was Bela and his reaction. Cute... he's cute. i wish Ksenia Semenova of russia won the bronze though. and i hope shawn and nastia stay for 2012. especially shawn becuase she's never had an injury before. i'm so happy... GO USA!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Fat Chinese Lie

IOC moves to defuse underage gymnasts controversy

. Crap-ola!
Not all of those girls are 16. And i'm not just saying that because i'm from the US, and rooting for them. I'm sorry but it's ridiculous to say they are 16 when they clearly are not and there is HUGE evidence saying they are not. Personally, i think that the US should just beat them anyway to say HAHA to their little plan. I wonder if that in 4 years when He Kexin goes to her 2nd olympics [if she does] if she will claim she's 20... or her actual age which will be 18. Hmmm... you know if they win, i will be upset but not devastated. I really just wish that if they won, they would actually deserve it so i could say good job. But i can't because they cheated. Boo,China...Boo.

Oh yeah, and y'all knew it was coming... CHELLSIE!!!! Stay on the Friggin bar!!

Shawn is competing in Bars tonight which leads me to say, where did bridget go? hmmm...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

I couldn't resist...

OKay, so i'm not exactly supposed to be on the computer and i feel kinda guilty anyway so don't rub it in. But, after all, it's olympic season! I can't not find out what's going on! Okay so i watched the olympic podium training for the girls [also something I wasn't supposed to do] and i have to say WTF? to a bunch of things.

First of all: I did not know chellsie was only competing in bars, that sucks because we might of actually needed her on another event in qualifications
Second of all: Shawn Johnson sucked her way through the entire thing. I'm sad. I like her. Be good Shawn! NOW!
Third of all: Sam Peszek's fulls on beam are sooo great now... so much better than shawn's at the moment. COME ON SHAWNY! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
Fourth of all: WTF? Camera men? Stop showing me long shots of Bela Karolyi with the same expression on his face all the time and the picture in picture is great... NOT

anyway, i love you all and I gotta go cuz my dad is home

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Sucks

Well, everything that's great always has an ending I guess. My parents didn't exactly know that i had a blog so when they found out, they were pretty mad. I'm pretty much grounded from the computer until November. It's sucks majorly but I can deal with it. It just sucks that I can't talk to you guys or download olympic stuff or make montages. none of it. It's upsetting to say the least.

They said I was obsessed with all this. Granted, i was. I didn't think it mattered. I mean i want to go into film production and editing after high school but whatever.

But on better news:
YAY BRIDGET SLOAN!!! I truly never thought she could do it but congrats bridget! Okay and I'm totally okay with chellsie on the team because I know that she can be really helpful on bars but if she makes even one mistake, i'll prolly be reallllly mad. I mean sometimes i don't give the girl a break. I understand she works just as hard as all the other elites and that she is talented. But... i still don't like her. But... her bars is good and we need her. It's a love hate relationship between us.

Okay, well farewell to you all, maybe i'll get to go on early for good behavior. If i do, i'll letcha know.


EDIT: I don't think people fully understand me. I don't like chellsie memmel. true, but don't mistake for one minute that I don't respect what she did for the sport of gymnastics and the USA Gymnasts as a whole. She is a positive role-model. Most of what I say on this blog is just me being sarcastic. Please don't take it the wrong way because that would be unfortunate.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh! How being loved is such a burden!

I'm just kidding. I'm flattered that so many people request montages from me but really? I have 15 requests at the moment. Do I get anytime to do a montage about what I want? Huh? I really like that everyone wants a montage from me, but the more requests I get, the more likely it is that the montages aren't that good. So i shall take my sweet time with them. I hat when people are impatient with the montage. Wait like a couple days k? I just got back from europe and I'm leaving for volleyball camp on sunday, i have 3 days and then i go to an island, get back and leave for vacation. Luckily once july ends, i end too. I have absolutely nothing going on [except the olympics] in august, so that is where i shall get all my montages done. And a few inbetween vacations i guess. Here's where I stand:

flippinxgymnast Nica Hults IDK
llyssalu Nastia Liukin She Floats
gymnast116 Nastia and Shawn We Made It
llyssalu 1996 US Trials Iris [live]
adadancer7 Level 6 and 7 Colors
llyssalu Jordyn Wieber Rap Superstar/Superstar
dancetothebeattosing Press Handstands IDK
gymnastbabee9 Shayla and Sam Check Yes Juliet
deathblessme Sam Shapiro Stop & Stare
horsegirl04 Sam Peszek In the End
xogymnastbabexo US Trials Dream On
Horsegirl04 Chelsea Davis Desperately
Gymsurf101 Carly and Shawn Viva La Vida[gymnasttflipzz]
USAgymnast52 Jordyn and Kamerin Insurance?
Lem556 OlympicDreams IDK


Monday, June 30, 2008

Madrid este aqui!

Yay! Today at 4am I am leaving for a 9 day trip with my school to Madrid and Paris. It is a trip for Foreign Language Students only. If you haven't noticed yet, I use a decent amount of spanish on this blog so yay!

While i'm gone, be sure to check out my new website that is completely under construction. It's gonna be a supersite for gymnastics stuff. The Home page dscribes everything that will be on it. And use the contact me page to tell me any ideas you have for me to feature or if you want to be a co-manager of the site. I want to make this a place for everyone to go to find stuff out.

I want to interview a level 4-10 gymnast a couple times a month to ask them questions about their training and future. I also eventually want to be able to interview up and coming elites [if i find a way of contacting them] if this site is going to work, i have to have lots of feed back. It's going to feature the most wanted videos for montagers, montages of the week, exclusive new interviews i find, a place where montagers can go to find contests they can enter and much more!

Checxk it out still under construction. tell me if you want to be a co-manager!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This makes me want to kill myself:

Chellsie didn't have one that fits her?

Courtesy of Zebra at the WWGym Board. Ew Chellsie! there are children around!

Oh Chellsie, you just give me more reasons to not like you EVERYDAY! i enjoy this very much... well not the picture, the situation.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

6 hours of agony for 5 minutes of relief.

Watch my newest montage on youtube please! It took me 6 hours to make it. 6 straight hours. I was so frustrated and i just couldn't stop. from 11pm to 5am I worked on it, so do me a favor and watch it pretty please!

Click it up! and get ready for a thrill. lol

So the montage is about elite gymnastics training... obviously. but also its about the Beauty in the sport and what it takes to be elite and to remind ordinary people like us [well some of you are elite or close to it but oh well] to never forget how hard these gymnasts work to be where they are. Gymnastics IS the hardest sport in the world, there is no arguing about that. I used fancy graphics and stuff so, SEND it to your friends! Link it to your websites! Seriously, i would love free publicity here! lol j/k

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry lyssalu!

Guess what? A girl names Alyssa on youtube requested a Nastia montage from me. Which isn't that big of a deal or anything. But it wasn't just a Nastia montage, it was a Nastia and Chellsie Memmel montage GASP!!
I know, right? She obviously has not read my blog. I told her i was sorry and i really couldn't do it. I mean, its really hard. I wouldn't of enjoyed it one bit. I tried to make a Chellsie Memmel Montage one time, and this is how it turned out:

Jesus Reference Curtiousy of: Meghan
I stopped after that. Not exactly what i hoped because this was me trying to be nice. Okay... well i did try to find the ugliest pictures of her though, guilty as charged. Whatever, I don't like her. Neither should anyone else, but if you're a fan... nothings gonna stop you from being a fan.

Except for me trying to save you from SATAN! Thats how you spell satan right? It would suck if I accidentally said Satin. I looked it up, i'm right. Yay me!
ANyway, my point is: like who you like

and i'll not like chellsie. K? Gracias!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Most Exciting Thing About Trials:

I love him. I wish he was my grandpa. My crazy, romanian grandpa.

Another thing:
That at the end of the broadcast 9on Day 2 they ran out of "important people" to show so they showed Corrie Lothrop! I love her! She's almost got the same name as me too!

That is all...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm gonna punch some skulls in.

Why? you ask... mostly because...

A: Raj Bhavsar is an alternate again!!! FRIGGIN SELECTION COMMITTEE!!!!!! He hit 12 for 12 at Trials. I hate the selection committee. They are dead to me. <---and thats a fate worse than living with chellsie memmel. {don't worry Skylr, i'll save you from that hell hole someday!!}

I hereby state that The Men's Gymnastics Olympic Selection Committee is Dead to Me.

and B: The Stupid Olympic Team needs Chellsie Memmel. I know it sucks right? But it's true. Just for her Bars though.... that is the only routine of hers i do not fast forward through while watching the trials so i should know.

Yeah, so here is what the Girls Olympic team is going to be:

Shawn Johnson
Nastia Liukin
Alicia Sacramone
Chellsie Memmel [gag me]
Jana Bieger
Samantha Peszek

I suuuuuper duper wish Shayla could be on it, but I don't think she is vaulable enough to the team. Kind of like Hollie Vise in 2004. Here's what everyone will compete on in Qualifications and Finals:

Vault Alicia, Shawn, Sam, Jana, Nastia
Bars Nastia, Chellsie, Jana, Shawn, Sam
Beam Shawn, Nastia, Sam, Alicia, Jana
Floor Shawn, Alicia, Sam, Chellsie, Nastia

Vault Alicia, Shawn, Sam
Nastia, Chellsie, Jana
Beam Nastia, Shawn, Sam or Alicia
Alicia, Shawn, Sam

See, this is a team where not all of them might be good on every event, but they can all be CONSISTENT enough to do their job in qualifications.

As it stands now:
Vault Alicia, Shawn added: Sam
Bars Nastia----------------BIG GAP!!!---------------
Beam Nastia, Shawn, Alicia
Floor Shawn, Alicia added: Sam

Now, they need a Vault and Floor Specialist, and a Beam and Bar specialist and a consistent person everywhere. Or someone like Sam, who does Vault, Beam and Floor all super well, so then they just need a person good at bars and another person for decent qualification score. Chellsie decent at Bars and she has the decent qualification scores. Now, we need one more person to fill the gap on bars. It could either Be Jana: a consistent girl who can HIT when they need it. Or i could be Shayla, who is good, and the international judges like her.

The US doesn't need Shayla's bars. But i sure do hope they pick her.
Oh and speaking of international judges, they are gonna score everyone AT LEAST 2 tenths lower on every event then they have been getting in the US right now. And i don't think the judges will like Chellsie because she doesn't point her toes, and can't keep her legs together if her life depended on it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Christa Tanella: I like her again!

I mean, i never didn't like her, i just thought that she didn't do much. I was wrong. I like her because she is happy with everything, she is just a super duper happy person. I mean, other gymnasts are happy too, but it doesn't matter what Christa does, she's happy that she's competing... and that make me happy. Insert-o el clip-o here-o:

Look it her! SHE"S PUMPED! I mean, that was a good vault and everything, but if nastia did that vault, her father would be tearing his hair out and not speak to her for a week. Now, i'm not saying they don't have a good 'relationship' or whatever, but he is always on edge and looks about ready to punch someone when Nastia messes up.

The Chow's just go "oh well, better luck next time" when shawn messes up. Nastia's dad makes it seem as if his life depended on her not messing up. If that was the case, he'd already be dead. Because messing up is like her forte. Along with winning an all around title with her bar score alone [what's her A-score now? a 20.5?] and royaling sucking at vault. [no offense or anything]

Yurchenko vaults were made for nastia though. I have always thought that if someone can do a amanar vault, then they should try a different entry, because after the amanar, it just gets scary. Shawny, why not try a handspring double front, then you can go to Beijing, and take the Vault finals and floor finals away from Alicia so she shoots you! And this time I don't mean with a paintball gun.

Alicia was PRETTY mad when shawn won floor event finals and not her at worlds. Too bad so sad. I'm not on anyone's side here, and i do want Alicia to win vault, but really? who's better at floor? I know all the Alicia fans are gonna say her, and the miley cyrus fan club backs shawn. So take it from someone who really isn't picking a side: it's Shawn. Actually, i would pick sam peszek if she would FRIGGIN POINT HER TOES!!!!

Honest to god, how do you get through elite gymnastics without pointing your toes once on a double pike??? Samantha and Chellsie can go run off and be BFF's for all I care just as long as they both POINT THEIR TOES.

Yeah that's right, I SAID IT! If miss Modest doesn't point her toes, i am excommunicating her like I did to chellsie [well, not as severe] that's my biggest pet peeve... that and bad jokes, but the point is: Point them!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Little School - 3 State Titles!!!!

YAY! Our boys came home with 3 state titles out of a possible 4!!!!. Our boys team won the 4x400m relay, another cool guy from my school won the 400m with a time of 48.28!!!! That's good. I always thought he ran like a velociraptor, anyway. Thenour top jumper won long jump and placed 4th in triple jump YAY!
My school is in the middle of nowhere and has about 400 kids in it. [i think its a little less but oh well] Our girls track team managed to qualify at least one person in each event to sectionals, with 5 people placing 3rd or above!!!! WE WIN!! Okay, well not exactly but oh well.

Oh and ... I promise to return to talk about gymnastics next time, sorry for my track rant... its my other love besides gymnastics

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wish Them Luck!

This has nothing to do with gymnastics, but my school's track 4x400m team is competitng at states today, and I just wanted to wish them luck! I also wanna wish luck to my teammate who is competing in the 400m [ranked first in the state!] and another who is competing in Triple Jump and Long Jump! These are all boys and unfortunatley, our girls team didn't make it to states for track this year =[ but that's alright because we are division 5 champions, 3 years running! Thanks for a great season girls and I can't wait til' we rock sectionals and states next year!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ugh, Gag Me with a Spoon.

Day and Night She Talks... Each word More useless then the next.

The main reason I showed this is because the little cuti Skylar Memmel is in it for about a half a second. Wait a minute, isn't this supposed to be about family? It seems sometimes like the other Memmel children are treated poorly and Chellsie is their Golden Child [or next Jesus according to =] ]

Well, I like Skylar better. It's a fact that will never change Chellsie. Never Ever.

In other News, Um... girls at Championships, WHAT'S WITH THE PINK?

Seriously Nastia, Pink on both days? The first leo was okay but the second looked like that little Magenta dog from Blue's Clues threw up on you. I'm not a big fashion person, and I don't hate the color pink, but in excessive amounts it may cause vomitting. No seriously, read the label on any Pink Leotard Package. There's a big warning sign on the tag. Yeah, but she wore pink at worlds, and Pacific Rim's and now Nationals. I know everyone says you're like a ballerina but don't let it go to your head.... jerk. [just kidding nastia] please don't sache around me and fall on me during your double front!

Speaking of double front's: nastia's annoys me because she cowboys it soooo bad, but I absolutley positively LOVE Ivana's. It's P to the E to the R.... FECT. and beautiful.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So no one's commented in awhile:

So do! I enjoy arguing with people about why chellsie memmel is stupid!
But i have got to say, i was sooooo happy that the fluff wasn't about her. No one wants to here her sob story OVER and OVER again. It gets annoying. Am I right or am I right? So ashley stott didn't qualify for Trials [tear, tear] I'm very upset. She missed competing by two spots. TWO SPOTS!!!
Grrr. And sense when was the National team only 12 people?? I think last year it was 14 and the year before 16. Why is it steadily decreasing as such?? I kind of actually feel bad for Shawn cuz it always seems like all the other gymnasts favor nastia over her [like wanting nastia to win] which sucks. It's Elfi's fault. She should not have named her the it girl and everything would've been fine. I swear, when Jordyn comes up to Seniors, if Elfi says one thing I will go over to nbc studios and shoot her myself. [But with a paintball gun so that she would be humiliated and not die... cuz I don't want to go to jail] And i swear to God they will make a sob story about Mattie Larson's unfortunate circumstances and how her birthday was unfortunate. And then they pair it with a clip of Rebecca Bross and how she "trains with nastia everyday" like they did with Nastia in 2005 about Carly.

Just Shoot Me Now... with a paintball gun of course

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Couple Things:

Jordyn won Nationals! I'm excited but not exactly that surprised.

Chellsie Memmel is in third place. all I have to say is grr.
[I picked this picture only because it featured the adorable Skylar Memmel]

Mattie Larson is doing great! and I think she could actually be a BIG contender for a spot.
But most importantly, so is Mackenzie Caquatto!^^
Where the hell is Shayla?!?!?!
well she withdrew from championships with a herniated disk in her back.
This Sucks.
Ashley Stott's not doing so hot, but I still believe! [rhyming!]
[plus she showed up to training wearing the exact same leo as "oh so modest" Sam Peszek...
haha they DO NOT go to the same gym. Observe below:

T-MINUS 25 Minutes Til' Nationals are aired LIVE
[yeah the fluff will probably be about Chellsie so i'll mute the TV at that time]

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alicia Sacramone is definitely my new favorite.

And Chellsie is still me least. Listen to her blab for a bit while I gather my thoughts...

Day and Night she Talks, each word more useless than the next [that's from saturday night live if you didn't already know]

oh and by the way chellsie, did you really have a good training day? Would you like a pat on the back, round of applause? Maybe a cookie and some warm milk?

Moving on from my rage. Alicia Sacramone is my new favorite gymnast because...

she just used the word badass in an interview. FINALLY. one of these gymnasts isn't all goody goody and crap. Plus, she's pretty cool. She is a really BA... maybe even a BAMF! [dane cook reference, google it]

Last but not least, i'm pretty sure Shawn's got a new floor routine, observe:

Well, i hope that music inspires her all the way to a First Place finish because even though nastia is amazing and great, i still want Shwan to win.

In other news, Jordyn Weiber leads the all-around in juniors [no surprise] followed by Sam Shapiro [another huge shocker] coming in third? Cassie Whitcomb [am i a psychic or what?]

But we still got one more day, and my guess for the top 5?

Jordyn, Sam Shapiro, Cassie, Kamerin, Amanda Jetter and Asi Peko [only seen her once in the 2006 Level 10 Nationals, new elite]

Peace out girl scout, updates on Senior Nats Coming Tonight!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

¿Dónde está Rebecca Bross?

Look At the Competitor List for 2008 Junior Nationals:
Caitlin Atkinson - Cypress
Lauren Beers - Southern Tier
Desi Borgese - Airborne
Bridget Caquatto - Aerials
Alexis Carroll - Hills
Briley Casanova - WOGA
Kaitlyn Clark - Precision
Rebecca Clark - GAGE
Sophina DeJesus - Precision
Gabrielle Douglas - Excalibur
Cassandra Hanley - Parkettes
Madeline Hanley - Parkettes
Amanda Jetter - Cincinnati Gymnastics
Randi Lau - What's Up
Sophia Lee - WOGA
Melissa Metcalf - Desert Devils
Annette Miele - Parkettes
Kamerin Moore - Geddert's
Hallie Mossett - All Olympia
Brooke Parker - Capital GNTC
Asi Peko - Brown's Las Vegas
Elizabeth Price - Parkettes
Samantha Shapiro - All Olympia
Morgan Smith - Brandy Johnson
Sabrina Vega - Dynamic
Cassie Whitcomb - Cincinnati Gymnastics
Jordyn Wieber - Geddert's
MacKenzie Wofford - Stars

Anything Missing.......

Uh Yeah! REBECCA BROSS! The defending Champion!

Seriously, ¿Dónde?

someone please let me know!
i'll let you know if I find out k?

A Gift Like This You Can't Deny:

There is no bigger talent that I have seen in my years of Talent Searching then in the eyes of this little girl. Her Name? Lizzy nicknamed Lizzard. Her Gym? WGA Texans. Her Game? None other than gymnastics.

At only 11 years old, this girl is on her way to becoming an amazing gymnast. I'm mean AH-MAZING. Not just any ordinary amazingness. Nope, this is a new breed. I have never seen this much talent in such a little girl [excluding Jordyn Wieber] But seriously, she's amazing.

Her family hosts amazing athletes which i enjoy watching through the lovely place called youtube []

These are the reasons she's amazing...

1)She'll Show you everything she's got:

First off, go watch a recent video of her, you'll see a artistic beam routine with a wonderful press handstand and then you'll go HOLY CRAP! SHE JUST DID A BHS BACK LAYOUT!

The same reaction will come to you when you watch her double full and fhs front layout, front layout on floor, her wicked blind changes and bar dismount and last but not least piked yurchenko that is basically a layout. She is totally on her way, especially since she's a year too young for even the 2012 olympics.

2) She knows how to win... and win... and win:

She can boast being the:

2006 Level 7 Texas State Beam Champion [with a 9.800!]
2008 US Challenge: 3rd Place. [scored a 51.05 in the Optional AA]
2008 Level 9 Westerns 3rd Place AA
2008 Level 9 Westerns 1st place Beam with a 9.500 [and 2nd place floor with a 9.600!]

Yeah she's pretty amazing

3) She's the girl who knows how to perform:
In the young gymnasts of the world there is an unfortunate condition called "I don't want to dance -itis" But it definitely did not hit this girl. Her floor routine is flawless and she dances and sells the routine to the crowd [and the judges] there is no way they can give her a bad score when you perform like that.

In conclusion, she's so cool and LOOK OUT! to all the youngings moving up in the ranks. She'll be up there with yah in a flash.


Friday, May 30, 2008

NBC Mania- Ashley Stott on TV?!?!?!?!

Now I learn they might possibly show the Classic on TV?!?!?! I may die. This is going to be the best day of my life! I just hope it's true!!

2008 Visa Championships - Women's
Broadcast Schedule:
June 7 - 4:00-6:00 p.m. ET* on NBC Sports

Women's U.S. Classic [and men's nationals]
Broadcast Schedule:
June 8 - 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET* on NBC Sports

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials
Broadcast Schedule:
Sat., June 21 - 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET* - Women's All-Around Finals - NBC Sports
Sun., June 22 - 7:00-9:00 p.m. ET* - Women's All-Around Finals - NBC Sports
Sun., July 6 - Noon-1:00 p.m. ET* - Men and Women - MSNBC

Now, don't anyone go making a montage of her before I do! I Have Dibs On Her!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank God for Smartkp

Thanks to "smartkp" for asking about the cga juniors. LOVE THEM! i wrote a comment about them, but they both will be my Unknown Athletes of the Day:

Amanda Jetter:
target="_blank" href="">

The Younger of the two [1994] made her first appearance in the junior elites last year. She made it to Nationals but failed to qualify for the National Team. This year however, I'm gonna say... top 10 atleast. This girl has such amazing potential. Check her out:

2007 [Level 10] State, Regional AND National Champion
2006 Level 9 Regional Champion
2008 US Classic 4th Place
Best Event: By far it's beam. She boasts a 6.1 A score opposed to the mid 5's for the other events. Floor is definitely good for her too.
My motto for her: BIG tricks... not so great consistency

Cassie Whitcomb:
2006 Top Gym All-Around Champion
A bit older than Amanda [1993] Cassie's strengths are definitely Floor, Beam and Bars. If she upgrades/improves her vault she would be a GREAT all-arounder.

Good Tricks: Double arabian, great fhs double full.... when she hits it.
What sets her apart from Amanda: much high start values and much more consistent. She has one more year of experience than Amanda, and showed it by qualifying for the 2007 Junior National Team and taking 3rd at the 2008 US Classic, one place above her teammate.
She is also known to layout her geinger like Nastia.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I REALLLLLLY Hate Imature Brats

What is with imature gymnastics brats on the web?
I had to deal with flippin Mileycyrus990 and now CarlyPattersonFan?

This is what she wrote on my Nastia Liukin Montage- Stronger:

"no offence but this video is so badi like the montage called Alicia, Nastia, Chellsie - Stronger Montage thats the bestest"

and I wrote:

"okay good for you? I don't really know what to say to that. Please don't comment me? I guess that's what i'll say because i really don't care what you think and I don't understand why you would comment me and tell me you don't like my video. oh... and i'll be blocking you because if you were a decent person, you would keep statments like that to yourself... oh and bestest isn't a word. "

and then, being the brilliant girl with words that she is, she told me politely:

"shut up!!!"

so i wrote:

"oh i am totally not going through this whole ordeal again. blocked!"

So Now she's Blocked


Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Life Is Complete, I Can Die Now!

she is my favorite gymnast besides Shantessa Pama and relatively unknown and she is amazing and she won!!!

That doesn't mean she will do too good at Nationals because none of the big names were at the Classic [Nastia, Shawn, Jana, Darlene, Shayla, Sam, Ivana or Bridget Sloan] But that doesn't mean she won't do good because now she's got to be PUMPED! i know i am.
OMG! They might even show her on TV!!!!
OMG! I'm def making a montage on her!!!

She is MY dark horse of the Olympics.

Speaking of Mattie Larson...

WTF?!?!? Mattie Larson?
If you are a first time senior you should go to the Classic. It should be mandatory or something. You're supposed to try out the competition first. DUH!

How do you think you're gonna stand up to the big girls? Chellsie is ENORMOUS in my opinion and it would be very unfortunate to get hit by her or her take you out with one of her legs while she's throwing another double pike with her legs NOT TOGETHER. [seriously they should just give chellsie a 0.00 if her legs aren't together]

Anyway, Ashley's AA score was a 58.250
yeah so what if Jordyn Wieber could beat you with only one arm? You did "your best" so this is my prediction for Nationals:

1. Shawn Johnson - 62.700 [idk i'm just estimating]
2. Nastia Liukin - 62.500 [taking in the "US competition" weighted scores]
3. Jana Bieger - 61.900
4. Shayla Worley - 61.500
5. Samantha Peszek - 60.300
6. Ivana Hong - 59.400
7. Mattie Larson - 59.100
8. Ashley Stott - 58.600
9. Ashley Priess - 58.100
10. Bridget Sloan - 57.900

YO! i'm done

Friday, May 23, 2008

Well as much as I like to agree...

you're wrong. It bothers me when me and a few others who know a lot about gymnastics can name like 100 gymnasts off the top of their head and some people don't even know who Mattie Larson is. She's 16 [just turned] and now because Ashley did a montage on her everyone is like "oh! mattie i'm rooting for her!" You should have been from the beginning. I hate when all people know about is Shawn and Nastia and few others and call themselves "someone who knows everything about gymnastics" You Don't. Now, i'm not saying I know everything about gymnastics. I know of very few current russians, romanians and chinese because of the fact that i've just been doing videos on US gymnasts. So I now feel that it is my duty to educate some people on some up and coming american gymnasts. So no one is terribly surprised when Ashley does a montage on them too.

Unknown Athlete of the Day:
Claire Boyce.
Born in: 1995
Gym: was Dynamo for a while but then she moved to GAGE <--- which is a factory for International Elites. Their athletes include: Rebecca Clark, Ivana Hong, Courtney McCool, Terin Humpfrey and Sarah Demeo... and now Claire Boyce.
Good Tricks: not many so far, although I did see her do a full twisting reverse hecht [haha! i used the full name!] but many of her great skills [including a back full on beam] are just in practice. Although she does do an AMAZING triple full.

yes, i did most of that from memory. Call me retarded, crazy or obsessed. I don't care. I remember a lot. I can tell you that much about probably 60 gymnasts.

Go ahead and ask.

2008 US Classic

Yay! it's finally here! Jordyn Wieber won the Jumior Division [big surprise] along with scoring and above 15 on 3 out 4 events. She managed to take the Floor, Bars, Beam, Vault and All-Around Titles. Rebecca Bross is no where to be found along with Jenna Rachels and other great talents from last year. Although, i did hear a rumor that Jenna broke her back. I asked the family to confirm or deny it but they never messaged me back so i'll have to keep that as JUST a rumor. Top five finishers were:

1)Jordyn Wieber
A: 5. 800 6.100 6.400 6.000
B: 9.200 8.900 9.000 8.950
Final: 15.000 15.000 15.400 14.950
2) Kamerin Moore

Final: 14.350 13.400 14.600 14.650

3) Cassie Whitcomb
Final: 14.050 14.800 13.800 14.100

4) Amanda Jetter

Final: 14.100 13.000 14.900 14.700

5) McKenzie Wofford

Final: 13.900 14.450 14.900 12.950

When senior results come out, i'll let you know what I think of all of the competitions winners

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sam Peszek: Modest Much?

Don't get me wrong... Samantha Peszek is awesome. I think people really ignore the fact that she can also do a double double [def. not as good as shawn's but still] But, when you are not the BEST in the world you don't get to go around saying how good you get treated and how you're a little spoiled at your school. I'm just saying, if you're not the best, just don't do it. It makes you seem like you have an attitude.

Moving On!
And no matter how many people say that shawn puts on a "stupid fake smile" i will never believe it because
A) what's the point?
B) She was just a regular gymnast overwhelmed with being on TV and then all the sudden WAH BAM!!! Elfi Schlagel and gang hit her with a giant stamp on her forhead that says: NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE GET ANY ATTENTION EXCEPT FOR HER!

now nastia is upset because she's not in the spotlight and all the viewers are upset because all we ever see is shawn and her cute smile. I understand how that smile could turn into a "stupid, fake" one to some people after awhile.

My point is: don't blame shawn, blame elfi... and if it's absolutely neccesary you have my permission to blame chellsie. I don't know what for though yet. Don't worry i'll think of something.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shayla Worley's Website: When Will It Return??

I love Shayla Worley... she's amazing and so cool.

i want to see her website. let me just type in the address and here it is


that's right. it has been "returning soon" since like a month ago. Other shayla fan's and I are getting restless.


Now, donate to her fund so that she can keep her NCAA eligablity and have her ENTIRE family go to Beijing. If she does...

which she will mostly because we have no bars people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The World: I Shall Hate On It!

Why do deals never work out? I'll tell you why: because people never keep there promises. Am i the only one around here that acts the same to people online as i do to there face? Or is this an online community of backstabbers in real life too? Where did all the nice people go? There are only like six left in the entire world. My fate is lost in Alicia Sacramone for ever, she was my hero. Emphasis on was. I don't care what the rumors are. Rumors almost always have a truth to them. [Somewhere deep down in their satan core] My point of this evening is:

The Golden Rule
does anyone even friggin remember it?
well, you should
---end of sadness---

Friday, May 2, 2008

Montage Awards Winners!!!!!

Yo so listen up:
here's how it works, everyone voted, i tallied up the scores and wrote em down and these are the top winners in the first 5 catergories. Please don't argue with who won. If you wanted someone else to win, you should have voted/nominated. Kapisch? Gracias.
Now, for every first place finish, a person gets 3 points. Second Place is 2 points and Third is 1 point. At the end of the competition i add up all the points of each person and the top three are named:

The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All-Around Champion
The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All-Around Silver Medalist
The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All- Around Bronze Medalist

All of these including catergory titles may be bragged about where ever you feel. Now, YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR THE OTHER CATERGORIES. Besides the first 5 because you now know new info about how to make people get medals. Think strategically, but please vote for good deserving montages:
or <--- to view the videos

And to Answer Your question yes, there will be a summer edition of this contest hopefull taking nominations by mid-June. I'll let you know the details later.

Okay, here it is:
Shawn Johnson Montage:

Gold Medal- Charloadams for Brilliant
Silver Medal- Charloadams for Pictures Of You
Bronze Medal [Tie]- cccam for Stand Up For The Champions
Ashleyakaflipper for SJ AM Cup. Can’t Stop This Feeling

Nastia Liukin Montage:

Gold Medal- Charloadams for Stronger.NastiaLiukin.Montage
Silver Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for So She Dances…
Bronze Medal- 8Gym0Chico8 for Nastia Liukin 2005-2007

Junior Elite Montage:

Gold Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for Rebecca Bross Someday I Will
Silver Medal- Charloadams for Jenna Rachels Let’s Dance
Bronze Medal- Cccam for Jordyn Wieber Weapons Wired

Gymnasts Just Like Us:

Gold Medal- cccam for cccam. What Gymnastics is.
Silver Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for Wild Horses
Bronze Medal- Upsidedwn4evr for Temporary Setback

Senior Elite Montage:
Gold Medal- Charloadams for Nastia.Shawn.OneOpportunity.
Silver Medal- D-TeeZ for Carly-My Love
Bronze Medal- Charloadams for Allison Taylor. Her Story.

Charloadams- 14 points
Ashleyakaflipper- 8 points
Cccam- 5 points
D-TeeZ- 2 points
Upsidedwn4evr- 1 pint
8Gym0Chico8- 1 point

Friday, April 25, 2008

kbgymnast08<--- yo!

This is what I got for yah:
she has her friggin split/split leap/ whatever you feel like calling it.
don't doubt me and my resources. and no one should ever say that shawn isn't that great because she's not that great of a dancer. WRONG. she's not your kind of dancing good.
I like her DEAL WITH IT

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Things 2008

This is my list of the Best Things Pertaining to Gymnastics in 2008 so far:

AGS on
a true goddess who is amazing and enjoys to share everything she possibly can.

Raising Money For The Worley's
greatly cool, even though i probably won't send money. they not stop freaking redecorating. i liked the other design. the most amazing place on the earth with like every single gymnast in level 10 and up.

Charloadams and
she doesn't get enough credit for her amazing montages winners should be posted in the coming week!

thats all peeps. i'm out yo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Melissa Metcalf!!!! Score!

okay, so if you haven't already noticed, I'm basically in love with the person who runs: go there because its wonderful. Plus, they run my other favorite place in the entire world.
Anyway, so today i found out they released which is so cool because for like two years i've been wondering who exactly this "Melissa Metcalf" is. Well... now i know because she has a website.
Anyway so she's this 12 year old girl who went ALL the way to level 10 in 2006 year and is the 2008 Level 10 State Champion. So its pretty cool that she stayed at level 10 for three years and is still only twelve. She reminds me of Jordyn Wieber when she first started out.
Yeah, but she's good. Really Good. Born in 1996 [2012 olympic b-day!!!!!] and her skills are
double front dismount of bars
double arabian

and i've seen her train a lot more than she competes.
I think i'll do a montage on her.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Definiton Of "All-Around"

There is an all-around champion... and there's my definition of an all around champion.

First of All let me say this:


and before all you "i would bomb a city if nastia said to" people start threatening me let me say this:

Nastia is an amazing gymnast. She is a goddess of beam and the queen of bars since 2005. [i'm pretty sure she's the queen] but, the fact that she can up her a score to a 7.7 on bars [the highest scoring event and highest A score event for almost all gymnasts] and supply only sustainable scores on vault and floor means two things:

1) holy freakin crap i can't believe your attempting a 7.7 start value [is that legal in texas?]

2) you're not an all-around gymnast.

if you don't get what i'm saying then let me put it in plan terms

Beam: Check

Bars: Double Check

Vault: ugh fine

Floor: sustainable because of dance

just because she can score insanely high on two events and get moderatley low scores on the other two to even it out DOESN'T MAKE YOU AN ALL AROUND GYMNAST

Exhibit B:

Shawn Johnson <--- the real deal

seriously. The Hardest Vault in the World
The Hardest Beam Dismount in the World
The Hardest Bar Dismount in the World
The Hardest Tumbling Pass in the World

Um... i'm sorry but if that doesn't scream "good at all-around" to you i don't know what does
and i'm not neccesarily saying she should win. I'm just saying if she loses, i hope its to an


i'm out- peace

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Vogue WTF?!?!/ One way Argument

I repeat: WTF, Vogue? If gymnastics couldn't get enough fans that have no clue what they are talking about. Now we have 3,000 vogue readers who claim they know about gymnastics.
Numero Dos: WTF, Vogue? again, this time for including Chellsie Loser Memmel instead of one of my insanely cool heros: Shayla Worley. I personally believe since Chellsie hasn't done much, she doesn't deserve to be included in Vogue. Now Shayla on the other hand, most certaintly does. Plus she kinda sorta looks like a model anyway. WTF?

Now moving on to the second topic of this entry... the one way arguement part. I am sick and tired of hearing about the "old guard" vs "new guard". It's probably insanely and absolutely retarded. Truly, because everyone is out the like: "Oh my gosh, people don't give old guard as much credit, they worked so hard..." and blah blah blah blah blah blah.
First off:
No one is arguing for the new guard so you can quit your whining. Seriously no one is saying the old guard is bad. hence the reason its a one way arguement. I could careless their age. They're all freakin gymnasts!! Shawn is 16 and Nastia is 18. Shawn is made out to be the devil by some people because she's too young and "ripping" the thrown away from nastia. [seriously, some people make it sound like she had a gun and was threating Nastia]

I mean come on! If you root for the old guard now, and they win. then the old guard will retire and the new guard becomes the old guard. isn't it the point to do it while your young.

whatever, i blame chellsie memmel and elfi schlagel [but mostley elfi]

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Samantha Shapiro: The Good/Bad News

The Good News:
she's probably the ost amazing gymnast i've ever seen
no joke people. i mean seriously if i had a dollar for everytime she pointed her toes...
i would have a lot of money [math isn't my best subject]
anyway the point is she's a goddess as many people have already stated and aided her in her attempts to be a front runner in the race for 2012.

The Bad News:
yes, there will always be bad news, no matter how much you absolutely love and adore a gymnast, there will always be something i can find that bothers me. I am a very optimistic person, but i see all the cons too. When i'm in my 'optimistic' mood i tend to ignore them. But seriously, name a gymnast. I'll find the pro... and the con.

she kind of looks like a monkey. now i know thats not "politically correct" or "polite" or "nice" or "any other word i could think of to put in quotations" but... i think it's true. so be it if you don't , but it's kind of a complement coming from me because:

A) i couldn't find anything else wrong with this girl [oh, i searched]
B) okay there is no B get over it.

The Official Release of the: ICGURM

Okay so wait in line to be part of my amazing club Entitled:

ICGURM: International Club of Good UnRecognized Montagers

Okay well the title isn't catchy... at all, but still.
Anywho, guidelines to being in this club are as follows:

1) you have to make montages
2) they have to be semi-decent [this will be voted on by chair peeps]
3) you have to be classified as "unrecognized"
which means that you can't have more than 5 montages over 10,000 views.

since i've never had a montage of 10,000 views, this pends no problem to me [still some hard feelings about that]

anyway, there will be two other chair people in this club [if they choose to be super nice and except]
they would be:


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

People Who Generally For The Most Part Can Stand Me

okay well Mileycyrus990 has made a list of people who Hate me because she is a very kind, thoughtful and mature person. So far her is her list:

woah! astounding
anyway, so I have decided to make a list of my own. It shall be entitled:

People Who Generally For The Most Part Like Me
get in line to add yourself to this list:
cccam <--- yay me!
charloadams <--- sweet... and canadian!
ashleyakaflipper <--- practically a movie star
gymnasticsbabie <--- best gymnast in the world!
adadancer7 <--- what can i say, she's just cool!
deathblessme <--- fellow tessa pama lover
horsegirl04 <---yeaaaah!
gymnasticsbabee9 <--- haha she said she loved me... yay!
gymnastralohartley <--- funky name and sweet comments
mlmj1994 <--- she seriously has commented like every single video of mine and for that i am forever greatful!
britluvsgymnastics96 <--- i luv her she is the cutest! lol jk no but she really is very sweet!
chachakid <--- gave me the best comment on a montage i have ever gotten!
gymgymgymnast08 <--- fellow chalkbucketer!
londongymgurl<--- ooh! my favorite foreign city!
disneydance1169 <---heck yes with the disney!
gracefulone <--- discussin' the skylr!
NYGymFan <--- soo cool!
gymnasticsaddict <--- crazy amazing fellow choreo wizard
Kayleigh<---!!!!! GO THERE NOW I SAY!!
I know, there is no bigger thrill in your life then to be part of my amazingly pathetic 'i have friends' list. but hey why not?!?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Chellsie Memmel: Friggin 'Flips Out'
okay, if you didn't absolutely laugh for about 10 minutes after seeing this video then there is something wrong with you.

i would rather shoot myself in the ovaries than take lessons on how to do a backhandspring from chellsie memmel.
okay.. well maybe i wouldn't take it as far as shooting myself in the ovaries. that could be potentially problematic if i ever want to have kids... okay lets say I would rather shoot my sister in the ovaries. That works. I doubt she'll be using them anytime soon anyway. And besides there are lots of kids in the world in need of adoption.

well i got a little off track. allow me to get myself back on it.. okay i'm good.
so, chellsie starts out the video trying to amaze us "non-talented athletes" by doing a simple layout that any of the 5 year old teammates could throw after one week in a gym.
well big whoop. I'm not going to be disguised by your smile and 'happy go lucky' attitude Ms. Memmel. No, i am smarter than that.

So she continues to talk condesendedly to us about how to do a correct backhandspring.

I think her backhandsprings suck
well not the BHS in the video of course but when she's actually tumbling and stuff, they are so ugly. [i am just not a fan of her body type in a leo... scuzzy]
really, i have no problem with her body type, but i don't like it in a leotard. it gives me nigtmares.
anywho, she continues to show us steps to a backhandspring and as she is doing so, she is raising the rate of backhandspring-related-fatalities in America.
And she calls herself a role model.
Moral Of The Story: If you are trying to learn a backhandpring, learn it from a coach, not from Ms. Chellsie Memmel.

Monday, March 24, 2008

PYT: Profiles of the Young

I have now found a new obssesion in seeing how young and how bad you can actually be to qualify for HOPES Pre-Elite. Now, you only need an all around score of a 45.000. Which i could score doing these skills, And i'm a level 6/7. So, here are the youngest i have found. Courtesy of gym-style. [she is my hero]

Numero Uno:

Name: Skyler Memmel
Birthday: Jan. 17, 1997 <--- oh sucks for her. 2012 b-day is '96
Club: M&M <--- psh figures
Level: Hopes Pre-Elite
2008 PKI Qualifier- VT
2006 L8 Meet- UB
2008 PKI Qualifier- BB
2008 PKI Qualifier- FX
Numero Dos:

Name: Bailey Fitzpatrick <--- says in her profile and i quote:
"She also has competed as a level nine at some invitationals."
Birthday: Jan. 22, 1997 <--- again, that sucks
Club: M&M <--- WTF?!?!?
Level: Hopes Pre-Elite
2008 PKI Qualifier- VT <--- this one made me cry. A tsuk?!?!? and a bad one at that
2008 PKI Qualifier- UB
2008 PKI Qualifier- BB
2008 PKI Qualifier- FX <--- the front handspring, front full was muy bonita!
Numero Three-o:

Name: Allyson Nied
Birthday: Sept. 1, 1997
Club: Texas Dreams <--- yay! not M&M!
Level: Hopes
Texas Dreams
Numero Quattro: [yes, i know thats not how you spell cuatro]

Name: Erica Len
Birthday: Oct. 2, 1997
Club: GAA <--- what the hell is "GAA"?!?!?!
Level: Hopes
2008 PKI Qualifier- VT
2008 PKI Qualifier- FX <--- well at least she attempted a double pike!
El Fin:

Name: Hanna Duncan <--- it says "she has also competed as a level nine at some meets"
Birthday: April 7, 1996 <--- ellllligable!
Club: M&M <--- I'm going to kill myself. It's like God is mocking me.
Level: Hopes Pre-Elite
2008 PKI Qualifier- UB
^^I love how she just collapses over the bar for her shoot over, now thats STYLE!
2008 PKI Qualifier- BB

Anyway, my point is. These girls are too young.Period. Especially the one's where it says "she competed as a level nine once"

thats like me putting in my profile: "one time i sorta kinda not really did a double was close enough"

yeah so thats my story. look them up and either be amazed, or laugh at them. I personally did both at the same time.

Big thanks goes out to miss yeger:

and my ever favorite hero:

This is Probably the best article written in the history of forever:

courtesy of hatsumomo on the WWGym board:

For those calling for a boycott of the 2008 olympics:

Shut up.

Just...shut up.

Now, I'm not saying this because I disagree with your sentiments. I do agree. I honestly do think that Tibet is an important issue that needs more media attention. But calling for a boycott isn't the way to do it. Why? Because you're essentially asking the estimated 600-700 athletes that the U.S. believes will be competing to sacrifice their childhood dreams, the years they spent training and sacrificing many aspects of their own lives. Fuck you. Think about the athletes, please. Take gymnastics for example: most of these gymnasts don't have another four years of dieting, strenuous training 25-36 hours a week, intense competition schedules (a few of the U.S. gymnasts just went through a series of Pan-American Games, Nationals, training camp, and World Championships in a span of about six weeks), injuries and recovery, training camps etc., on top of schooling and trying to stay on top while new and younger talent is coming in, in them. And that would be on top of the massive disappointment you hit them with. Talk to the gymnasts who were pumped for the 1980 Games only to find out that the U.S. was boycotting. Many of them have said that there is a hole in them because of a dream unfulfilled.No. If YOU believe in something so much, then YOU sacrifice yourself for them. Don't ask others to do it for you. That's supremely unfair.The Olympics aren't the podium for politics. 1972, 1980, and 1984 taught us those lessons. Any and all politics between the U.S. and China will be symbolically played out in the medal counts. A boycott wouldn't accomplish much anyway because not enough countries would be willing to participate for it to make a big enough dent. Wouldn't the U.S. beating China in medal counts on their home turf pack a more powerful punch than any boycott would? I can guarantee that both countries are working their athletes much harder because both want to top the other. I can also guarantee that there will be athletes who agree with your sentiments, but will not say anything publicly because they know they will face a permanent ban from China, therefore ruining their Olympic dreams. They probably also think that beating China on their turf will show more than a boycott.And please, George Bush will never call for a boycott. And if he does, it won't be because he cares about human rights or Tibet.Not only does one need to learn to pick and choose their battles, they need to learn to pick and choose when they will fight their battles and who is going to do the necessary sacrifices for them.



P.S. BTW, we knew what Hitler was doing and yet we still attended the 1936 Games. Just sayin'.

*This is just C&P'ed from a rant I did in my LiveJournal*<--- go to her/his livejournal please because i now love this person.

i also enjoy hatsumomo's amazingly cool avatar on wwgym: it is a picture of nastia at the 2007 Worlds winning beam, and under it are the words: Suck It Al

that is all: its copyrighted to Hatsumomo just to let you know, since everything is copyrighted these days

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Follow Up On The HOPES/Pre-elite Topic

okay well here's the deal:
me and gracefulone were talking, and we both agree that 8 year olds should stop rushing to HOPES/Pre-elie. I mean, i hate that USAG developed that. Its great for some gymnasts, but now everyone is doing it. Now, a bunch of 8-10 year olds, [who belong in level 8 and 9] are rushing off to national competitions [with their level 8 and 9 skills] and not taking the time to perfect any form. I mean look at Skylar Memmel: she really doesn't have good form on many things. She is just too young and is doing skills most level 9's can do around the country, if not less. Her cast to handstands have a huge arch, and she is competing a yurchenko pike. I mean come on! Now that they let level 8's do yurchenkos, as soon as a little kid gets one they try to qualify for elite.

And they just totally are skipping level 10! which i personally think is a bad idea. I think a good way to go into elite, is to go through the JO Nationals [and other JO escapades] and then try for elite. I just personally think that if i was a coach, thats how i would do it. I think that proves that a gymnast can handle being at a high level. I mean it's not like if these girls went to level 10 that they would be 'held back' because they are only doing skils of a level 8 or 9.

Now of course i'm not entirely blaming the coaches, because i'm sure a large quantitiy of those coaches are getting mentally abused by over obsessive mothers that now believe that their daughter is quote unquote "the next star"

well i got news for ya mommy dearest: SHES NOT

not to say someone coming out of this system doesn't have as much of a chance as anyone, i mean look at Ivana Hong:

^^thats at the 2003 American Challenge where she demonstrated good form and technique, until she chucked and crash landed a double lay. Not her best, but still she is a fairly successful gymnast today.

All i'm saying is that these girls should wait a few years, get the form and the consistency and then move up. Competing at such a high level will wear them out, especially if they are going to do it for 8 years!

Montage Awards: Vote or Die!

okay, well you won't die. But i would love for some more people to vote.
Not feeling the love right now.

I know i'm not as popular as Ashleyakaflipper, but how did she get so many people to watch her videos? I mean they're good, but so are Charloadams and mine. Of course charlotte is more popular than me too.

I guess it's because i've only been on youtube for 10 months. Well, when do i start getting more people? i have like 92 subscriptions [which is good can't complain] but i can't seem to get more than 300 views on my vids.

And 300 is pretty sad. The movie 300 was good... but that amount of views, not so much.

Of course my Thriller video got 8,000 views. [the one coincidently, mileycyrus990 stole from me]

but that was uploaded about 9 months ago. [haha 9 months...]

anyway, my point is if you are on youtube, subscribe to me, i'll subscribe to you, watch me videos, i'll watch yours and we'll all be one big happy family k?

oh and vote for the MONTAGE AWARDS!!

Why little children don't get sarcasm:

"YO I LOVE IT IM LIKE THE WHOLE STAR OF THE SITE .YAH!!!!ITS LIKE AWESOME!!you are lucky I gave credit to you.YOur just trying to pull a whole lot of crap!!JUST SHUT UP AND GET OVER IT.BETTER YET CRY A RIVER AND BULID A BRIGE AND GET OVER IT....DUH A.J.A yah you better post this on your site yah!!LOLOLOLOLOLOLOOLOLOL you are so retarid if you dont know what A.J.A is.OH well that does sound like you though.AND OMG YOU CRYED FOR A WHOLE DAY! LOL! CRY BABY!!WA WA WA WA"

i'm sorry it's so difficult to read, but Mileycyrus990 thinks that i actually did cry for hours at night, and i actually was hurt by what she said. Oh well, she's stupid and is really bad at spelling. I don't think i'll post much more on her because she just wants attention, and i would hate to give her any of that.

after all, she is only in 3rd grade. girl's like that have other things to do like:
1) vote for the kid's choice awards
2) watch hannah montana
3) learn the high school musical choreography
4) keep believing that one day their dreams can come true
5) after all, they still need more time to steal my montages

and if your reading mileycyrus990, HI! HOW ARE YOU?!? luv ya!

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Okay first off: you DO NOT EVER steal my montages! any part of them used without permission with require me to virtually shoot you. [okay well i can't do that, but i'll be angry]
oh, and this entire entry will be written with intense sarcasm unless specified otherwise

I am now starting an ongoing segment entitled:

here's the deal-- Mileycyrus990 is one of those weird Disney freaks who enjoy making montages of Miley Cyrus mouthing words and dancing with Lily while High School Musical music plays in the background.

Whatever, i don't care. I am only 15, and i am guilty of watching quite a bit of disney channel myself, but thats not the point Moving on --->

so anyway, this 'Mileycyrus990' girl starts making montages of Shawn Johnson on youtube because if there is a cross over from Disney--- to gymnastics, its through the wonderful bridge of Shawn Johnson. Most of those disney freaks make montages of only her in addition to their other disney escapades.

'Mileycyrus990' decides she doesn't want to make her own montage. She will just download other peoples and throw them together and hope the original owners don't notice when she gets praised for slapping me and charloadams hard work together. Guess what... I NOTICED!

So i made a comment, if she hadn't of deleted it, you could've read it, but this is what it said:

"if you watch this video at 1:07 to 1:24 and then watch my video that's attached to it at 2:30 to 2:51 then you will see that they are the same exact thing, now i don't know if thats a coincidence or not, but please don't steal my montages. And please at least credit me. "

she maturely responded with this quaint note:
"shuuuuuttt upppp!"

and then proceeded to message me with another compellingly complex letter reading:

i love the way she expresses her feelings, she's so... deep.

then she felt it was neccesary to again, express how much i was "being mean" [reference what i said at first to make sure you see how much of a bitch i was being] and wrote me another note on my other montage:

"Hate it tottally copied "

yes indeed, i am a hugely hypacritical jerk who copied someone else's montage [not]

i responded with a little note of frustration:
"i'm so glad you hate it! because i'm very happy that you go around trashing my videos because i caught you using parts of my montages! i wasn't even mad before. now i am. anyone can ask charloadams, I DID NOT COPY HER. she is totally on my side. So, shut your mouth "

again, this girl who truly had a deep and powerful mind thought carefully about her words and told me this:
"shut your own duh blah blah blah"
[i personally thought her 'duh blah blah blah' part stung the most]

but i lived, i cried for hours on end thinking to myself: "HOW COULD I GET OVER THE FACT THAT SHE TOLD ME TO SHUT MY OWN??" it was a terrible question to answer. Luckily, gymnasticsbabie ran to my aid:

"what the hell??? this montage isn't even close to charlotte's/charloadams... or if it is why the hell would cccam ever copy it?? cccam is a great montage maker why would she ever NEED to copy someone's montage, unlike you. please i've said it before: do not leave discusting comments that are totally not needed. it just pisses me and everyone else off. there are ways of expressing your opinions in a normal civilized way. grow up.. "

yay! i love gymnasticsbabie, and not just because she's an amazing gymnast!
Mileycyrus990 (resorting to her tribal instincts) decided to use a couple of comments to sting me in the heart:
"You are a A.J.A" [i still don't know what that means, some disney term im guessing]
and with a double commment she added:
"I will never give credit to u this is so WIerd AND LOL LOL LOL u are the brat here and OMG OMG OMG u aRE A....#$%*%%% lETS JUST SAY SOMETHING ELSE HUH duh>>>>!!!!!!!!!!"
at this point, she's getting painfully harder to understand with all her fancy lettering and what not.
i thought i would let her know a few more things:
"um, did you just use signs to friggin swear at me? yeah im guessing your about 12 years old. oh and by the way, i could careless if you give me credit now. you took my montage obviously because you can't make your own. which means you liked mine and everyone elses that you used. "
What I say will be in MAGENTA and what she says will be in Yellow
"CRAP u are a fricken little spoiled brat u little butt head i feel like im arguing w/ a 8 year old about candy bring it on little girl bring it the fight is on.... "
"haha thats very nice, no im actually 15. and i dont want to fight you. it doesn't even matter how old you are because you are acting like a two year old. Why the hell do you want to fight me just cuz you stole my stuff?"
"no hun im not kidding w/ u hunny because my momma is so in ur face and in ur u know what"
"don't call me hun you bitch... okay im not gonna swear at you anymore cuz you are obviously about 12 years old so i would appreciate you not commenting back. i will be the bigger person here even though i did nothing wrong"
"u bitch dont stop talkin im ready to fight fists up chin up and im ready to fight like a tiger <-- wait... hold up, did she just say she was going to quote: 'fight like a tiger'? haha okay go on-->bring it on....more to come"
"OH MY GOSH! you learned a new swear word! good for you!"
I closed with this statement:
"mileycyrus990, did you block me? are you seriously kidding me? your steal part of my montage, and you block me? you could've just said sorry and credited me, and then i would've given you my shawn vids so you could make your own. wow! you screwed yourself over with that one"
more to come, because i know your on the edge of your seats [not]
no but seriously, she didn't stop there