Thursday, January 22, 2009

USAG: I'm almost pretty sure you can't just make up your own rules.

So i just found out that Jordyn Wieber is competing at the 2009 Tyson American Cup and I'm like : "WTF?!?!"
Uhhh. FYI: She's turns 14 in July.
Don't you have to be a senior??
Or does USAG just decide to pick whoever is good for them?
Its bad enough that they already allow, count them: 4 US gymnasts compete at the finals. I thought it was a pretty solid 2 that we decided on for international competitions, folks.
If it was any other country...well you could use imagination about what would happen.

Anywho, Bridget Sloan is going to compete also. I for one hope Jordyn wins it, even if she shouldn't be able to compete in senior competitions until 2010. [the year i graduate, i might add]

Oh! and my dad says i might be able to fly down with him to Dallas for Nationals! [Since he's going for a buisness trip around that time] SWEETNESS! Anyone else going? Let me know!
[If i know you hah.]


PS: Oh and can you guys like become a "follower" of my blog or something because at the moment I only have 1, k thanks. lol

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Now that that's over lets get back to hmmm ii don't know, GYMNASTICS

okie dokie! so there isn't much to say on the count of it being the off season and all so...... what i LOVE to do like every year is try to guess who i think will be on the olympic team. And then look back 4 years from now and see how totally weird it is who is actually on the team. It's a fun game I play with myself. I have no friends. lol j/k anyway! Here it goes:

Nastia Liukin
Shawn Johnson
Ivana Hong
Mattie Larson
Jordyn Wieber
Sam Shapiro

*unless of course ther are only 5 ppl then take off mattie

leave comments on who you think will make it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Let's pretend for 5 seconds that the whole world doesn't revole around you, K?

wow, mileycyrus990 has a big superiority complex if she really thinks im gonna spend THAT much time trying to hack her account. i have better things to do. those better things include:
not talking to mileycyrus990
not recieving messaged from mileycyrus990
and most of all: making sure to harrass mileycyrus990 until she can't even type those stupid ass messages she's always sending me that never make sense.

well, i guess my world does seem like it revolves around her, and i'm guessing she's smiling with glee as she reads [don't worry hun, glee means h-a-p-p-y] but she can deal with it. we can't take away her account, but we can take away a crap load of things.

now i'm officially stating now that if mileycyrus990 was to oh, idk, lose all of her friends and subscribers and channel comments because someone turned EVERY SINGLE PERSON thats in this community against her. well there really wouldn't be anyreason for her to stay on here would there. but of course, my hands would be toooootally clean.

she could if she stay if she wanted too. but then again, no one will really care then now will they.
besides its just a matter of times before she forgets her own password that she had to change so no one could hack and she runs out of guesses for my password. =]

im really surprising myself with how mean i'm getting. i don't mean it to everyone else except that evil brat but, this has been going on for months now. why wont she just leave me alone?

ugh whateverrr. im so done with this.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

CAN YOU BELIEVE Mileycyrus990?

This has gone too far. Her background. I made it. That little skank. I can't take it anymore!!!! I hate her sooo much! And to think my new years resolution was to not hate more than 3 people!!!! I HATE HER!!

i want to freakin' make her cry and then laugh in her face as that spoiled brat goes down.
i can't believe she even has the nerve. she is such a bitch.