Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Hi, pretties!

So Make it or Break it was worse than i thought it would be. But i will continue to tivo it until it is cancelled. Or maybe it won't be cancelled. Whatever. The acting was horrible the editing between stunt double and actor was worse. The actual skills they were doing was the absolute killer for me though. A tsuk, really? If anyone did a tsuk at nationals they would be consequently laughed off the podium. I mean... i can do a tsuk, granted its into a pit but i've had relatively minimal gymnastics training. so. yeah.

i mean not that anyone who can do that stuff is bad...it's just not going to get you to nationals. Couldn't they have found some college gymnasts to be there stunt doubles?

Anywho. So i am trying to compile a list of girls going to nationals this year [juniors] in the real world...who don't do tsuks.

Pua Hall
Claire Boyce <--- yayayay!
Jordyn Wieber
Kamerin Moore
McKenzie Wofford. <-- first timer
Sabrina Vega
Alex Raisman
Hallie MOssett
Sophia Lee <--- WOGA
Briley Casanova <---also WOGA

the list is ongoing

PS: i have a new montage, might wanna check that out!