Friday, April 25, 2008

kbgymnast08<--- yo!

This is what I got for yah:
she has her friggin split/split leap/ whatever you feel like calling it.
don't doubt me and my resources. and no one should ever say that shawn isn't that great because she's not that great of a dancer. WRONG. she's not your kind of dancing good.
I like her DEAL WITH IT

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Best Things 2008

This is my list of the Best Things Pertaining to Gymnastics in 2008 so far:

AGS on
a true goddess who is amazing and enjoys to share everything she possibly can.

Raising Money For The Worley's
greatly cool, even though i probably won't send money. they not stop freaking redecorating. i liked the other design. the most amazing place on the earth with like every single gymnast in level 10 and up.

Charloadams and
she doesn't get enough credit for her amazing montages winners should be posted in the coming week!

thats all peeps. i'm out yo!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Melissa Metcalf!!!! Score!

okay, so if you haven't already noticed, I'm basically in love with the person who runs: go there because its wonderful. Plus, they run my other favorite place in the entire world.
Anyway, so today i found out they released which is so cool because for like two years i've been wondering who exactly this "Melissa Metcalf" is. Well... now i know because she has a website.
Anyway so she's this 12 year old girl who went ALL the way to level 10 in 2006 year and is the 2008 Level 10 State Champion. So its pretty cool that she stayed at level 10 for three years and is still only twelve. She reminds me of Jordyn Wieber when she first started out.
Yeah, but she's good. Really Good. Born in 1996 [2012 olympic b-day!!!!!] and her skills are
double front dismount of bars
double arabian

and i've seen her train a lot more than she competes.
I think i'll do a montage on her.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Definiton Of "All-Around"

There is an all-around champion... and there's my definition of an all around champion.

First of All let me say this:


and before all you "i would bomb a city if nastia said to" people start threatening me let me say this:

Nastia is an amazing gymnast. She is a goddess of beam and the queen of bars since 2005. [i'm pretty sure she's the queen] but, the fact that she can up her a score to a 7.7 on bars [the highest scoring event and highest A score event for almost all gymnasts] and supply only sustainable scores on vault and floor means two things:

1) holy freakin crap i can't believe your attempting a 7.7 start value [is that legal in texas?]

2) you're not an all-around gymnast.

if you don't get what i'm saying then let me put it in plan terms

Beam: Check

Bars: Double Check

Vault: ugh fine

Floor: sustainable because of dance

just because she can score insanely high on two events and get moderatley low scores on the other two to even it out DOESN'T MAKE YOU AN ALL AROUND GYMNAST

Exhibit B:

Shawn Johnson <--- the real deal

seriously. The Hardest Vault in the World
The Hardest Beam Dismount in the World
The Hardest Bar Dismount in the World
The Hardest Tumbling Pass in the World

Um... i'm sorry but if that doesn't scream "good at all-around" to you i don't know what does
and i'm not neccesarily saying she should win. I'm just saying if she loses, i hope its to an


i'm out- peace