Thursday, August 28, 2008

For the Record...

This is what "Boba-cha" said to me:

Wow... people like you are why I want China to win. Despite everything, they performed better, scored higher, so boohoo, USA lost, big deal. Read this article:'ll do you some good... to show that US' commentators (and people in general) are biased, and borderline racist. Case in point, you :)Thanks for proving it to me over and over again that this is true... really. Good job America!

and i replied with this...
for the record "boba-cha" The USA absolutely does not deserve to win. so don't give me that "oh you're just like all the other americans" crap. Yes, the US commentators are biased. of course they are! if it was the other way around and the controversary was on the US, the chinese commmentators would be biased too. that's the way things work around here. but do you honestly believe i form my opinions according to what the canadian and gay man say? [elfi and tim] i don't form my opinions on what bela says either. I THINK FOR MYSELF. and that is what myself thinks... that He Kexin is 14 years old, not because someone told me, because i did the research and that's what i believe. And don't you dare call me racist... ever. that's just ridiculous. i have nothing against the chinese people. except for the fact that they put a 14 year old girl on their team.

puh-lease! don't give me your crap, keep your anti-me comments to yourselves people!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Well, i hate to say "I Told You So"

for god sakes! just pick of age girls! Now, you're going to be left with two bronze medals because they found even MORE evidence [like they need anymore] to show that He Kexin [and others] are 14. [and younger] Will you please learn? It will help you in the long run! I promise.
In other news: my montage contest ends in two days, ENTER IT please!

I love you all,

Friday, August 15, 2008

Again, i wish bela was my grandfather!

Yay! go team USA! i'm so proud of nastia and shawn! yay! although shawn should've gotten better scores. the best part was Bela and his reaction. Cute... he's cute. i wish Ksenia Semenova of russia won the bronze though. and i hope shawn and nastia stay for 2012. especially shawn becuase she's never had an injury before. i'm so happy... GO USA!!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Fat Chinese Lie

IOC moves to defuse underage gymnasts controversy

. Crap-ola!
Not all of those girls are 16. And i'm not just saying that because i'm from the US, and rooting for them. I'm sorry but it's ridiculous to say they are 16 when they clearly are not and there is HUGE evidence saying they are not. Personally, i think that the US should just beat them anyway to say HAHA to their little plan. I wonder if that in 4 years when He Kexin goes to her 2nd olympics [if she does] if she will claim she's 20... or her actual age which will be 18. Hmmm... you know if they win, i will be upset but not devastated. I really just wish that if they won, they would actually deserve it so i could say good job. But i can't because they cheated. Boo,China...Boo.

Oh yeah, and y'all knew it was coming... CHELLSIE!!!! Stay on the Friggin bar!!

Shawn is competing in Bars tonight which leads me to say, where did bridget go? hmmm...


Thursday, August 7, 2008

I couldn't resist...

OKay, so i'm not exactly supposed to be on the computer and i feel kinda guilty anyway so don't rub it in. But, after all, it's olympic season! I can't not find out what's going on! Okay so i watched the olympic podium training for the girls [also something I wasn't supposed to do] and i have to say WTF? to a bunch of things.

First of all: I did not know chellsie was only competing in bars, that sucks because we might of actually needed her on another event in qualifications
Second of all: Shawn Johnson sucked her way through the entire thing. I'm sad. I like her. Be good Shawn! NOW!
Third of all: Sam Peszek's fulls on beam are sooo great now... so much better than shawn's at the moment. COME ON SHAWNY! I BELIEVE IN YOU!
Fourth of all: WTF? Camera men? Stop showing me long shots of Bela Karolyi with the same expression on his face all the time and the picture in picture is great... NOT

anyway, i love you all and I gotta go cuz my dad is home