Sunday, July 26, 2009


Congrats to Miss Elizabeth Leduc! Who just qualified to her first VISA Championships yesterday!
I have had the honor of watching her grow up these last few years, and her family is the nicest and sweetest family you will probably ever know! lol Good job and good luck, hun!

Congrats to my other favorite juniors as well who just qualified:
Katelyn Ohasi
Claire Boyce
Pua Hall
Kiana winston
Mckenzie Wofford (though i believe she already qualified)
Kennedy Baker
Alex Raisman

Better luck next year, Amelia Hundley!
You are quite amazing, though!
She missed qualifying by .4 tenths!

(unless she had previously qualified but i'm pretty sure she hadn't)
Also nice try to Dare Maxwell who really had an unfortunate meet.

what did y'all think of nastia? pretty spiffy, eh?
and i'm not really a fan of new ivana. but i guess it's way too early to tell

diga me!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Teamwork, guys.

OKie dokie: I am SO SO SO freaking excited that the US Classic will be shown on universal sports on July 25th at 8:00 CENTRAL TIME.
However, i will be in florida so...
someone out in the magical world of video capturing needs to harness this magic (in video form) and keep it for future reference.


Nastia & Sam will be there. Nastia will compete beam and then rush over to be a commentator on floor (classy)
Lizzy Leduc will be looking to qualify to US CHampionships there! (wish her luck!)
Rheagan Courville and Sarah Persinger are both back from their year long injuries and ready to qualify for Senior Nationals.
Rebecca Bross is also back and ready to debut new skills as a first time senior elite.
We get to see a first glimpse at Dare Maxwell and Claire Boyce (two personal favorites of mine)
It's always fun to see Jordy do some new crazy skill she and her over-enthusiastic coach invented.
Amelia Hundley, a little one from CGA, is trying to qualify for Nationals at the tender age of 11...i think.

after you watch, tell me whatcha thought. and your best bets for 2009 US National and World Championship Teams.

love you too!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Stop Stereotyping!

I'm really get sick of Make it or Break it and their false stereotypes of gymnasts.
A) Lauren throwing up her breakfast in the first episode and everyone acting like it's not a big deal.
B) Emily's brother saying and i quote "Gymnasts don't get their periods, mom, not enough body fat, remember?"

Stereotype, much? and not true, much?!?!?!

Dudes who write the show, stop doing that or i'll stop watching.

Oh and notice anything different about my blog? I needed money so I let Google put ads on my page. And i am here to inform you that I CAN NOT LEAGALLY ASK YOU TO CLICK ON THOSE ADS SO I GET MONEY.
So i'll leave it totally up to you.
No pressure. =]
You don't have to click on them.
You don't even have to acknowledge them.
Just pretend i said nothing
[wink] lol


Monday, July 6, 2009 improved!

So the second episode of Make it or Break it was A LOT better if you ask me. The new gym that Lauren goes too seems to be 10x better at gymnastics then the Rock if you ask me. And then they have a stunt double do a triple twist off beam which was awesome...but it was cut together poorly with the actress "sticking it".
Whatever. well there's a new episode on tonight and who knows, maybe this one will be even better! I sure hope so. Oh and I love the little girl [Payson's sister] who came in like 17th and is now going to nationals. She's cute. I like her.
Oh and did anyone notice that emily kmetko looks an awful lot like haley graham from stick it? And there mothers look almost the same too. Hmmmmm.
Oh and i REALLY do not like kaylie's boyfriend. He's inconsiderate, A. and B, he's not even cute.
And Payson in real life, like the actress, is a ballerina! I had no idea! but she trains with the American Ballet theater. Coolness.
All around [hehe] I give the shows second episode 3 stars [out of 5] When the first show I would only give like 1 and 3/4 stars.

My lovely friend over at and [go!]
Was awesome enough to provide me with a list of competitiors she knows of for 2009 Championships [in the real world] Thank you Whitney!
Apparently Chellsie Memmel hasn't given up yet and has qualified once again. In other news, i may kill myself. lol

Juniors Qualified to Nationals

Claire Boyce
Mackenzie Brannan
Bridgey Caquatto
Briley Casanova
Sophia DeJesus
Gabrielle Douglas
Ericha Fassbender
Amanda Jetter
Randi Lau
Sophia Lee
Grace McLaughlin
Nicolette McNair
Kamerin Moore
Hallie Mossett
Alexandra Raisman
Kyla Ross
Morgan Smith
Sabrina Vega
Jordyn Wieber
McKenzie Wofford

Senior Qualified to Nationals

Jana Bieger
Rebecca Bross
McKenzie Caquatto
Olivia Courtney
Ivana Hong
Kytra Hunter
Mattie Larson
Nastia Liukin
Corrie Lothrop
Chellsie Memmel
Samantha Peszek
Samantha Shaprio
Bridget Sloan
Ashley Stott

Tell me whatcha think about Make it or Break it. And about Chellsie Memmel and Nastia Liukin [and Sam Peszek!] Still going strong after the olympics!