Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I've moved!!!


come and read here ^^^

VISA's is coming up... don't miss it!!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

I feel as though this is a wee bit unfair...

So a bunch of kidsss signed to different universities the other day.
UCLA kinda stole everything and everyone.
Good For them.
If they want to win a Gymnastics National title anytime soon,
they may do it while they have these 4 incoming freshman:
Samantha Peszek- you're lucky UCLA, you are l-u-c-k-y to get her.
Mattie Larson- i can not wait to see the creative stuff she comes up with
Olivia Courtney- solid, solid choice.
Sydney Sawa- 2009 canadien national champion... sounds good to me.

Then again, if the Gators were to take the title, I'm sure
Marissa King (british accent!)
Kytra Hunter
Alania Johnson
Liz Green
Brittany Noble
and wait for it.......
drum roll please.....
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay!
I love her. she's gonna do awesome.
hopefully she'll win everything.
i am sooo excited!

You too?
Yeah, that's what i thought.

Friday, November 6, 2009

What's Up?

Well it seems as though i haven't said anything in awhile.
College applications and shizzz had preoccupied me.
Congrats to US Team.
And congrats to kayla williams.
Mother. Father. Greatness.
Freakin' unbelievable...though the competition wasn't very stiff.
Oh well. A gold medal is a gold medal.
And good luck to the Junior Pan Ams team.
I loooooove Alexandra Raisman and Bridgey so good luck, my loves.
Mkay bye.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling all gymnasts!

I have a request.
I wanna see someone do a sheep jump 1/2. or a sheep jump full.
On the ground, i wouldn't expect anyone to do it on a beam! lol
So if anyone can do it (my back flexibility is not up to ..ehem.. par)
Please tape it and put it on youtube.
I will feature you in a special video on my channel if you can do it.
anyone else maybe?
let me know.

xoxo corinne

Friday, August 28, 2009

To train or not to train...that is the question.

So coming into 2009 there are quite a lot of injuries already:
Mattie Larson & Sam Shapiro
Jordyn Wieber
oh yeah...Jordyn.
Hmm? what ever happened to her?
Right! A hamstring strain!
That sucks but apparently it's not too bad not torn or anything.

So what to do with a 14 year old girl who can throw many tricks much more difficult then most seniors these days?
I don't know, you tell me!
You're the one asking the question!
Oh it was rhetorical...right.

anyway, this is where training gets a little tough. She's got 3 years left as a junior (legally) and she's already ready to win world medals!
The Geddart's got some toughie's on their hands.
What if she burns out?
That would be quite a shame. She's a pretty snazzy gymnast if yah ask me.
She reminds me of Shawn Johnson but taller, more flexible, more dynamic and has more personality then shawny there.
PS i love shawn.

Back to my point:
Her coaches are apparently trying to pace her.
They have turned down international assignments and trips to the camp.
She only trains 29 hours a week.
Since the code only requires 8 to count instead of 10 then are doing more dance training to help with her presentation.
Sounds good to me! A more dancy jordy with her same skills is like...an unstoppable force.

But let's think about this long and hard.... wouldn't that be the most uninteresting, boring 29 hours a week of your life? Seriously, if i was her i would not be a fan of practicing 'dance' instead of amanar's.

Which leads me to my other point, rumor has it Kami quit...or is 'taking a break'...or has 'discontinued indefinitely' (that's what my coaches always used to say)
Ashley Stott is also 'taking a break'
So is shawny...but i'd lean more towards the discontinued for her.

So on one hand, i don't want jordy to be a Kristal Uzelac.
On the other, i don't want her to hate doing this so much she inevitably quits and/or doesn't want to do it so she's sad. (i never wanna see her sad!)

It's a fine line. That i hope she can walk on and do full twists on and dismount prefectly, stick the landing, and get herself some london gold.


Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I apologize for the frantic twittering...

if you were on twitter the night of championships, me and dithy would just like to say sorry. Haha. We were twittering everything! and normally i don't do that because i'm never actually on twitter. But that was the exception.

As you all already know, bridget sloan won. And can i just say they all did beautiful vaults. I hope Bridge, ivie & Becca keep that up. Those put up some big numbers. Congrats to Cassie Whitcomb who made her first Senior National team same with Kaitlyn Clark and Sam Shapiro, though she didn't even compete. lol
Kytra Hunter did surprising well. Bravo for her.

Oh and Mackenzie Caquatto is my new hero.
A) because she had only abut 10 training days before championships and refused to water down almost anything. (excpet her beam dismount but whatevs)
B) She still ended up placing 5th
C) And can not wait to see what she looks like full strength
D) I love her and her sister they are just too cool.
E) oh and by the way, congrats to bridgey who took 2nd place in juniors.

okay well...bye.
love you

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kyla Ross!! New surprises in the Land of Championships.

I really did not expect that one! Congratulations to the new Junior National Champion Kyla Ross from Gym-Max with a 114.000! Yay! Biggest surprise for me were:

Kyla's Scores on vault.
Bridgette's Scores on vault.
McKayla Maroney's Amanar!!!!!
Alex Raisman placing 3rd.
Bridgey not winning! I was rooting for her!
Hallie Mossett not making the national team.

On Senior side:
Uh...I'm so happy Alicia is coming out of retirement! Makes me smile!!!!!
And the WOGA gene goes on. Brossy is prolly gonna win it.
Cassie Whitcomb's fantasmic bar routine!
Jana's Surprising Suckage. Awww. poor jana. she's adorable even though her toes are never pointed.
Chellsie Memmel showing up. grrr.

On the boys side:
The sad championships of Dave Sender.
And the surprising goodness of John Orozco (just 15 years old!)

The boys world championship team is:

Jonathan Horton (duh)
Alex Artemev (fun)
Steven Legendre (from Flower Mound, Texas!!!)
Danell Leyva (classy)
Tim Macneil
Dave Sender (just let the boy go to Vet School!!!!!!)

OKie Dokie. Well congrats to lizzy in her first Championships! 20AA.
Not too shabby! especially with brand new routines and skills and such.

I'll leave you with a beautiful video about a fish.

www.Gymnastike.org lovelovelove<3<3<3