Monday, June 30, 2008

Madrid este aqui!

Yay! Today at 4am I am leaving for a 9 day trip with my school to Madrid and Paris. It is a trip for Foreign Language Students only. If you haven't noticed yet, I use a decent amount of spanish on this blog so yay!

While i'm gone, be sure to check out my new website that is completely under construction. It's gonna be a supersite for gymnastics stuff. The Home page dscribes everything that will be on it. And use the contact me page to tell me any ideas you have for me to feature or if you want to be a co-manager of the site. I want to make this a place for everyone to go to find stuff out.

I want to interview a level 4-10 gymnast a couple times a month to ask them questions about their training and future. I also eventually want to be able to interview up and coming elites [if i find a way of contacting them] if this site is going to work, i have to have lots of feed back. It's going to feature the most wanted videos for montagers, montages of the week, exclusive new interviews i find, a place where montagers can go to find contests they can enter and much more!

Checxk it out still under construction. tell me if you want to be a co-manager!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

This makes me want to kill myself:

Chellsie didn't have one that fits her?

Courtesy of Zebra at the WWGym Board. Ew Chellsie! there are children around!

Oh Chellsie, you just give me more reasons to not like you EVERYDAY! i enjoy this very much... well not the picture, the situation.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

6 hours of agony for 5 minutes of relief.

Watch my newest montage on youtube please! It took me 6 hours to make it. 6 straight hours. I was so frustrated and i just couldn't stop. from 11pm to 5am I worked on it, so do me a favor and watch it pretty please!

Click it up! and get ready for a thrill. lol

So the montage is about elite gymnastics training... obviously. but also its about the Beauty in the sport and what it takes to be elite and to remind ordinary people like us [well some of you are elite or close to it but oh well] to never forget how hard these gymnasts work to be where they are. Gymnastics IS the hardest sport in the world, there is no arguing about that. I used fancy graphics and stuff so, SEND it to your friends! Link it to your websites! Seriously, i would love free publicity here! lol j/k

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sorry lyssalu!

Guess what? A girl names Alyssa on youtube requested a Nastia montage from me. Which isn't that big of a deal or anything. But it wasn't just a Nastia montage, it was a Nastia and Chellsie Memmel montage GASP!!
I know, right? She obviously has not read my blog. I told her i was sorry and i really couldn't do it. I mean, its really hard. I wouldn't of enjoyed it one bit. I tried to make a Chellsie Memmel Montage one time, and this is how it turned out:

Jesus Reference Curtiousy of: Meghan
I stopped after that. Not exactly what i hoped because this was me trying to be nice. Okay... well i did try to find the ugliest pictures of her though, guilty as charged. Whatever, I don't like her. Neither should anyone else, but if you're a fan... nothings gonna stop you from being a fan.

Except for me trying to save you from SATAN! Thats how you spell satan right? It would suck if I accidentally said Satin. I looked it up, i'm right. Yay me!
ANyway, my point is: like who you like

and i'll not like chellsie. K? Gracias!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Most Exciting Thing About Trials:

I love him. I wish he was my grandpa. My crazy, romanian grandpa.

Another thing:
That at the end of the broadcast 9on Day 2 they ran out of "important people" to show so they showed Corrie Lothrop! I love her! She's almost got the same name as me too!

That is all...

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm gonna punch some skulls in.

Why? you ask... mostly because...

A: Raj Bhavsar is an alternate again!!! FRIGGIN SELECTION COMMITTEE!!!!!! He hit 12 for 12 at Trials. I hate the selection committee. They are dead to me. <---and thats a fate worse than living with chellsie memmel. {don't worry Skylr, i'll save you from that hell hole someday!!}

I hereby state that The Men's Gymnastics Olympic Selection Committee is Dead to Me.

and B: The Stupid Olympic Team needs Chellsie Memmel. I know it sucks right? But it's true. Just for her Bars though.... that is the only routine of hers i do not fast forward through while watching the trials so i should know.

Yeah, so here is what the Girls Olympic team is going to be:

Shawn Johnson
Nastia Liukin
Alicia Sacramone
Chellsie Memmel [gag me]
Jana Bieger
Samantha Peszek

I suuuuuper duper wish Shayla could be on it, but I don't think she is vaulable enough to the team. Kind of like Hollie Vise in 2004. Here's what everyone will compete on in Qualifications and Finals:

Vault Alicia, Shawn, Sam, Jana, Nastia
Bars Nastia, Chellsie, Jana, Shawn, Sam
Beam Shawn, Nastia, Sam, Alicia, Jana
Floor Shawn, Alicia, Sam, Chellsie, Nastia

Vault Alicia, Shawn, Sam
Nastia, Chellsie, Jana
Beam Nastia, Shawn, Sam or Alicia
Alicia, Shawn, Sam

See, this is a team where not all of them might be good on every event, but they can all be CONSISTENT enough to do their job in qualifications.

As it stands now:
Vault Alicia, Shawn added: Sam
Bars Nastia----------------BIG GAP!!!---------------
Beam Nastia, Shawn, Alicia
Floor Shawn, Alicia added: Sam

Now, they need a Vault and Floor Specialist, and a Beam and Bar specialist and a consistent person everywhere. Or someone like Sam, who does Vault, Beam and Floor all super well, so then they just need a person good at bars and another person for decent qualification score. Chellsie decent at Bars and she has the decent qualification scores. Now, we need one more person to fill the gap on bars. It could either Be Jana: a consistent girl who can HIT when they need it. Or i could be Shayla, who is good, and the international judges like her.

The US doesn't need Shayla's bars. But i sure do hope they pick her.
Oh and speaking of international judges, they are gonna score everyone AT LEAST 2 tenths lower on every event then they have been getting in the US right now. And i don't think the judges will like Chellsie because she doesn't point her toes, and can't keep her legs together if her life depended on it.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Christa Tanella: I like her again!

I mean, i never didn't like her, i just thought that she didn't do much. I was wrong. I like her because she is happy with everything, she is just a super duper happy person. I mean, other gymnasts are happy too, but it doesn't matter what Christa does, she's happy that she's competing... and that make me happy. Insert-o el clip-o here-o:

Look it her! SHE"S PUMPED! I mean, that was a good vault and everything, but if nastia did that vault, her father would be tearing his hair out and not speak to her for a week. Now, i'm not saying they don't have a good 'relationship' or whatever, but he is always on edge and looks about ready to punch someone when Nastia messes up.

The Chow's just go "oh well, better luck next time" when shawn messes up. Nastia's dad makes it seem as if his life depended on her not messing up. If that was the case, he'd already be dead. Because messing up is like her forte. Along with winning an all around title with her bar score alone [what's her A-score now? a 20.5?] and royaling sucking at vault. [no offense or anything]

Yurchenko vaults were made for nastia though. I have always thought that if someone can do a amanar vault, then they should try a different entry, because after the amanar, it just gets scary. Shawny, why not try a handspring double front, then you can go to Beijing, and take the Vault finals and floor finals away from Alicia so she shoots you! And this time I don't mean with a paintball gun.

Alicia was PRETTY mad when shawn won floor event finals and not her at worlds. Too bad so sad. I'm not on anyone's side here, and i do want Alicia to win vault, but really? who's better at floor? I know all the Alicia fans are gonna say her, and the miley cyrus fan club backs shawn. So take it from someone who really isn't picking a side: it's Shawn. Actually, i would pick sam peszek if she would FRIGGIN POINT HER TOES!!!!

Honest to god, how do you get through elite gymnastics without pointing your toes once on a double pike??? Samantha and Chellsie can go run off and be BFF's for all I care just as long as they both POINT THEIR TOES.

Yeah that's right, I SAID IT! If miss Modest doesn't point her toes, i am excommunicating her like I did to chellsie [well, not as severe] that's my biggest pet peeve... that and bad jokes, but the point is: Point them!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Little School - 3 State Titles!!!!

YAY! Our boys came home with 3 state titles out of a possible 4!!!!. Our boys team won the 4x400m relay, another cool guy from my school won the 400m with a time of 48.28!!!! That's good. I always thought he ran like a velociraptor, anyway. Thenour top jumper won long jump and placed 4th in triple jump YAY!
My school is in the middle of nowhere and has about 400 kids in it. [i think its a little less but oh well] Our girls track team managed to qualify at least one person in each event to sectionals, with 5 people placing 3rd or above!!!! WE WIN!! Okay, well not exactly but oh well.

Oh and ... I promise to return to talk about gymnastics next time, sorry for my track rant... its my other love besides gymnastics

Friday, June 13, 2008

Wish Them Luck!

This has nothing to do with gymnastics, but my school's track 4x400m team is competitng at states today, and I just wanted to wish them luck! I also wanna wish luck to my teammate who is competing in the 400m [ranked first in the state!] and another who is competing in Triple Jump and Long Jump! These are all boys and unfortunatley, our girls team didn't make it to states for track this year =[ but that's alright because we are division 5 champions, 3 years running! Thanks for a great season girls and I can't wait til' we rock sectionals and states next year!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Ugh, Gag Me with a Spoon.

Day and Night She Talks... Each word More useless then the next.

The main reason I showed this is because the little cuti Skylar Memmel is in it for about a half a second. Wait a minute, isn't this supposed to be about family? It seems sometimes like the other Memmel children are treated poorly and Chellsie is their Golden Child [or next Jesus according to =] ]

Well, I like Skylar better. It's a fact that will never change Chellsie. Never Ever.

In other News, Um... girls at Championships, WHAT'S WITH THE PINK?

Seriously Nastia, Pink on both days? The first leo was okay but the second looked like that little Magenta dog from Blue's Clues threw up on you. I'm not a big fashion person, and I don't hate the color pink, but in excessive amounts it may cause vomitting. No seriously, read the label on any Pink Leotard Package. There's a big warning sign on the tag. Yeah, but she wore pink at worlds, and Pacific Rim's and now Nationals. I know everyone says you're like a ballerina but don't let it go to your head.... jerk. [just kidding nastia] please don't sache around me and fall on me during your double front!

Speaking of double front's: nastia's annoys me because she cowboys it soooo bad, but I absolutley positively LOVE Ivana's. It's P to the E to the R.... FECT. and beautiful.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

So no one's commented in awhile:

So do! I enjoy arguing with people about why chellsie memmel is stupid!
But i have got to say, i was sooooo happy that the fluff wasn't about her. No one wants to here her sob story OVER and OVER again. It gets annoying. Am I right or am I right? So ashley stott didn't qualify for Trials [tear, tear] I'm very upset. She missed competing by two spots. TWO SPOTS!!!
Grrr. And sense when was the National team only 12 people?? I think last year it was 14 and the year before 16. Why is it steadily decreasing as such?? I kind of actually feel bad for Shawn cuz it always seems like all the other gymnasts favor nastia over her [like wanting nastia to win] which sucks. It's Elfi's fault. She should not have named her the it girl and everything would've been fine. I swear, when Jordyn comes up to Seniors, if Elfi says one thing I will go over to nbc studios and shoot her myself. [But with a paintball gun so that she would be humiliated and not die... cuz I don't want to go to jail] And i swear to God they will make a sob story about Mattie Larson's unfortunate circumstances and how her birthday was unfortunate. And then they pair it with a clip of Rebecca Bross and how she "trains with nastia everyday" like they did with Nastia in 2005 about Carly.

Just Shoot Me Now... with a paintball gun of course

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A Couple Things:

Jordyn won Nationals! I'm excited but not exactly that surprised.

Chellsie Memmel is in third place. all I have to say is grr.
[I picked this picture only because it featured the adorable Skylar Memmel]

Mattie Larson is doing great! and I think she could actually be a BIG contender for a spot.
But most importantly, so is Mackenzie Caquatto!^^
Where the hell is Shayla?!?!?!
well she withdrew from championships with a herniated disk in her back.
This Sucks.
Ashley Stott's not doing so hot, but I still believe! [rhyming!]
[plus she showed up to training wearing the exact same leo as "oh so modest" Sam Peszek...
haha they DO NOT go to the same gym. Observe below:

T-MINUS 25 Minutes Til' Nationals are aired LIVE
[yeah the fluff will probably be about Chellsie so i'll mute the TV at that time]

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Alicia Sacramone is definitely my new favorite.

And Chellsie is still me least. Listen to her blab for a bit while I gather my thoughts...

Day and Night she Talks, each word more useless than the next [that's from saturday night live if you didn't already know]

oh and by the way chellsie, did you really have a good training day? Would you like a pat on the back, round of applause? Maybe a cookie and some warm milk?

Moving on from my rage. Alicia Sacramone is my new favorite gymnast because...

she just used the word badass in an interview. FINALLY. one of these gymnasts isn't all goody goody and crap. Plus, she's pretty cool. She is a really BA... maybe even a BAMF! [dane cook reference, google it]

Last but not least, i'm pretty sure Shawn's got a new floor routine, observe:

Well, i hope that music inspires her all the way to a First Place finish because even though nastia is amazing and great, i still want Shwan to win.

In other news, Jordyn Weiber leads the all-around in juniors [no surprise] followed by Sam Shapiro [another huge shocker] coming in third? Cassie Whitcomb [am i a psychic or what?]

But we still got one more day, and my guess for the top 5?

Jordyn, Sam Shapiro, Cassie, Kamerin, Amanda Jetter and Asi Peko [only seen her once in the 2006 Level 10 Nationals, new elite]

Peace out girl scout, updates on Senior Nats Coming Tonight!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

¿Dónde está Rebecca Bross?

Look At the Competitor List for 2008 Junior Nationals:
Caitlin Atkinson - Cypress
Lauren Beers - Southern Tier
Desi Borgese - Airborne
Bridget Caquatto - Aerials
Alexis Carroll - Hills
Briley Casanova - WOGA
Kaitlyn Clark - Precision
Rebecca Clark - GAGE
Sophina DeJesus - Precision
Gabrielle Douglas - Excalibur
Cassandra Hanley - Parkettes
Madeline Hanley - Parkettes
Amanda Jetter - Cincinnati Gymnastics
Randi Lau - What's Up
Sophia Lee - WOGA
Melissa Metcalf - Desert Devils
Annette Miele - Parkettes
Kamerin Moore - Geddert's
Hallie Mossett - All Olympia
Brooke Parker - Capital GNTC
Asi Peko - Brown's Las Vegas
Elizabeth Price - Parkettes
Samantha Shapiro - All Olympia
Morgan Smith - Brandy Johnson
Sabrina Vega - Dynamic
Cassie Whitcomb - Cincinnati Gymnastics
Jordyn Wieber - Geddert's
MacKenzie Wofford - Stars

Anything Missing.......

Uh Yeah! REBECCA BROSS! The defending Champion!

Seriously, ¿Dónde?

someone please let me know!
i'll let you know if I find out k?

A Gift Like This You Can't Deny:

There is no bigger talent that I have seen in my years of Talent Searching then in the eyes of this little girl. Her Name? Lizzy nicknamed Lizzard. Her Gym? WGA Texans. Her Game? None other than gymnastics.

At only 11 years old, this girl is on her way to becoming an amazing gymnast. I'm mean AH-MAZING. Not just any ordinary amazingness. Nope, this is a new breed. I have never seen this much talent in such a little girl [excluding Jordyn Wieber] But seriously, she's amazing.

Her family hosts amazing athletes which i enjoy watching through the lovely place called youtube []

These are the reasons she's amazing...

1)She'll Show you everything she's got:

First off, go watch a recent video of her, you'll see a artistic beam routine with a wonderful press handstand and then you'll go HOLY CRAP! SHE JUST DID A BHS BACK LAYOUT!

The same reaction will come to you when you watch her double full and fhs front layout, front layout on floor, her wicked blind changes and bar dismount and last but not least piked yurchenko that is basically a layout. She is totally on her way, especially since she's a year too young for even the 2012 olympics.

2) She knows how to win... and win... and win:

She can boast being the:

2006 Level 7 Texas State Beam Champion [with a 9.800!]
2008 US Challenge: 3rd Place. [scored a 51.05 in the Optional AA]
2008 Level 9 Westerns 3rd Place AA
2008 Level 9 Westerns 1st place Beam with a 9.500 [and 2nd place floor with a 9.600!]

Yeah she's pretty amazing

3) She's the girl who knows how to perform:
In the young gymnasts of the world there is an unfortunate condition called "I don't want to dance -itis" But it definitely did not hit this girl. Her floor routine is flawless and she dances and sells the routine to the crowd [and the judges] there is no way they can give her a bad score when you perform like that.

In conclusion, she's so cool and LOOK OUT! to all the youngings moving up in the ranks. She'll be up there with yah in a flash.