Friday, August 28, 2009

To train or not to train...that is the question.

So coming into 2009 there are quite a lot of injuries already:
Mattie Larson & Sam Shapiro
Jordyn Wieber
oh yeah...Jordyn.
Hmm? what ever happened to her?
Right! A hamstring strain!
That sucks but apparently it's not too bad not torn or anything.

So what to do with a 14 year old girl who can throw many tricks much more difficult then most seniors these days?
I don't know, you tell me!
You're the one asking the question!
Oh it was rhetorical...right.

anyway, this is where training gets a little tough. She's got 3 years left as a junior (legally) and she's already ready to win world medals!
The Geddart's got some toughie's on their hands.
What if she burns out?
That would be quite a shame. She's a pretty snazzy gymnast if yah ask me.
She reminds me of Shawn Johnson but taller, more flexible, more dynamic and has more personality then shawny there.
PS i love shawn.

Back to my point:
Her coaches are apparently trying to pace her.
They have turned down international assignments and trips to the camp.
She only trains 29 hours a week.
Since the code only requires 8 to count instead of 10 then are doing more dance training to help with her presentation.
Sounds good to me! A more dancy jordy with her same skills is unstoppable force.

But let's think about this long and hard.... wouldn't that be the most uninteresting, boring 29 hours a week of your life? Seriously, if i was her i would not be a fan of practicing 'dance' instead of amanar's.

Which leads me to my other point, rumor has it Kami quit...or is 'taking a break'...or has 'discontinued indefinitely' (that's what my coaches always used to say)
Ashley Stott is also 'taking a break'
So is shawny...but i'd lean more towards the discontinued for her.

So on one hand, i don't want jordy to be a Kristal Uzelac.
On the other, i don't want her to hate doing this so much she inevitably quits and/or doesn't want to do it so she's sad. (i never wanna see her sad!)

It's a fine line. That i hope she can walk on and do full twists on and dismount prefectly, stick the landing, and get herself some london gold.



Kate said...

I heard from a different blog a long time ago that Ashley Stott retired.

cccam said...

her offical website says "Ashley has decided to take a break from gymnastics. She recently finished her sophomore year of high school and is currently enjoying her summer vacation. Although she will not be competing in the upcoming US Classic or US National Championships she is leaving the door open to return to gymnastics in the future."

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