Wednesday, August 19, 2009

I apologize for the frantic twittering...

if you were on twitter the night of championships, me and dithy would just like to say sorry. Haha. We were twittering everything! and normally i don't do that because i'm never actually on twitter. But that was the exception.

As you all already know, bridget sloan won. And can i just say they all did beautiful vaults. I hope Bridge, ivie & Becca keep that up. Those put up some big numbers. Congrats to Cassie Whitcomb who made her first Senior National team same with Kaitlyn Clark and Sam Shapiro, though she didn't even compete. lol
Kytra Hunter did surprising well. Bravo for her.

Oh and Mackenzie Caquatto is my new hero.
A) because she had only abut 10 training days before championships and refused to water down almost anything. (excpet her beam dismount but whatevs)
B) She still ended up placing 5th
C) And can not wait to see what she looks like full strength
D) I love her and her sister they are just too cool.
E) oh and by the way, congrats to bridgey who took 2nd place in juniors.

okay well...bye.
love you


Meredith said...

lol yes..i apologize.

and bahahahah theres a condom ad on your blog.

cccam said...

haha. that makes me happy. its always an ad when i read this.