Saturday, August 15, 2009

Kyla Ross!! New surprises in the Land of Championships.

I really did not expect that one! Congratulations to the new Junior National Champion Kyla Ross from Gym-Max with a 114.000! Yay! Biggest surprise for me were:

Kyla's Scores on vault.
Bridgette's Scores on vault.
McKayla Maroney's Amanar!!!!!
Alex Raisman placing 3rd.
Bridgey not winning! I was rooting for her!
Hallie Mossett not making the national team.

On Senior side:
Uh...I'm so happy Alicia is coming out of retirement! Makes me smile!!!!!
And the WOGA gene goes on. Brossy is prolly gonna win it.
Cassie Whitcomb's fantasmic bar routine!
Jana's Surprising Suckage. Awww. poor jana. she's adorable even though her toes are never pointed.
Chellsie Memmel showing up. grrr.

On the boys side:
The sad championships of Dave Sender.
And the surprising goodness of John Orozco (just 15 years old!)

The boys world championship team is:

Jonathan Horton (duh)
Alex Artemev (fun)
Steven Legendre (from Flower Mound, Texas!!!)
Danell Leyva (classy)
Tim Macneil
Dave Sender (just let the boy go to Vet School!!!!!!)

OKie Dokie. Well congrats to lizzy in her first Championships! 20AA.
Not too shabby! especially with brand new routines and skills and such.

I'll leave you with a beautiful video about a fish.
Inspirational lovelovelove<3<3<3

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Avrill Levann said...

Wow...I didn't know Steven Legendre was from Flower Mound, TX!!! I've been there lots of times. Cool :)