Friday, September 4, 2009

Calling all gymnasts!

I have a request.
I wanna see someone do a sheep jump 1/2. or a sheep jump full.
On the ground, i wouldn't expect anyone to do it on a beam! lol
So if anyone can do it (my back flexibility is not up to ..ehem.. par)
Please tape it and put it on youtube.
I will feature you in a special video on my channel if you can do it.
anyone else maybe?
let me know.

xoxo corinne


gymnastics887 said...

i can, but i would rather not post it on youtube..... any other way to get it to u?

cccam said...

uh sure, send it as an attachment in an email, is my address.
great! i can't wait to see it!

gymnastics887 said...

k, i will email it in a few days, its a 1/2. i just need to find my camera now....

ali said...

hahah i wanted to put a sheep jump 1/2 in my floor routinee(: