Tuesday, May 5, 2009

So i got a twitter!

Because Ashton Kutcher has one.
And i'm a big fan of ashton kutcher.
A big one.
I also think Oprah is much like God.
And she also recently got a twitter.
So applying the Laws of Oprah, i must get one too.
my user name is cccam5 - because apparently there is another cccam in the world? whatevs.
so um yeah! wanna stalk me? coolness.
or yah know...you could just be my friend. lol
i think thats a better choice.
oh and apparently there's a person called ashleyakaflipperhate? on youtube?
whatever. Nothing like a good fight to call attention to a blog though.
not that i would know anything about that (lmfao mileycyrus990)


Sunday, May 3, 2009

What up my fellow americans!

That was an odd way to address you since i'm pretty sure at least one of the people reading this is either from
A) Canada
B) England
C) Australia

(pick the right one...lol)

okay so whats up with this ashleyakaflipperxten shizz?
I love the girl, i do.
Shes super awesome and the reason i made an account in the first place but it seems weird.
Eh i dunno about you but i don't need more people not reading my blog to go read hers.
Plus i'll prolly be reading her blog anyway.
Sound good?
GO SHAWNY! just thought i'd add that in thurr.
so lets see... Marta sent some newbies & Bridget to Germany and they won. Yay Team USA! Good job.
Do you guys have any new info to share? I know Courtney Kupets just did an interview. Law School may be in her future. SOunds appetizing. Too bad she doesn't want to be a coach because she'd be a good one.

that was a super random post so um.... yeah... sorry

alrighty then...peace.