Sunday, November 30, 2008

Top Gym Results:AA

Jordyn won [go figure] and Kami placed third [even with a couple falls] Im looking forward to interviewing her soon!
-peace out-

Saturday, November 29, 2008

New Montages From Moi

Hey, you! I've got a new montage up!! Watch it please! its on Rebecca Bross and Rheagan Courville for a contest. I picked them because they were both injured and unable to compete at 2008 Nationals and I also picked them because they do some similar skills. The reason i used What I've Done by Linkin Park was to show that they've made mistakes in the past but now they're trying to clean up and do better now that they will be seniors this year.

Also i'm interviewing Kamerin Moore when she gets back from Top Gym Competition! If you have any questions that you're DYING to ask her. Let me know.
^^^All of these posibilities to interview someone courtesy of Whitney of^^^

Friday, November 28, 2008

I'm so excited!

Okie dokie, so guess what i get to do now? I'm writing the bios for all the gymnasts on! And making the questions for the interviews they are doing! Yay!!! Its kinda what i've always wanted to do!! Yay!! I'm just so happy. Go to and click on either Jordyn Wieber's or Melissa Metcalf's profiles and those are the ones i wrote so far!


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Dear Friggin Lord, How many times do I have to repeat this?

Yah know, if your gonna read my blog don't just skip over the stuff that you can't argue about. I have repeated this twice already and i am posting for the 3rd time so people stop attacking me.

"I don't think people fully understand me. I don't like chellsie memmel. true, but don't mistake for one minute that I don't respect what she did for the sport of gymnastics and the USA Gymnasts as a whole. She is a positive role-model. Most of what I say on this blog is just me being sarcastic. Please don't take it the wrong way because that would be unfortunate. "

-love corinne-

ya'll arguers annoy me.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Hehehe. My social experiment has been a sucess!

Yay! okay so, remember when i made that video of Chellsie Memmel, saying i didn't like her? well I remember saying that because people are retarded, they would instantly attack me about it if i ever put it on youtube. I wanted to test this theory because apparently on youtube, you are unable to express your opinion about any certain subject nicely, or you will get shot down.

This is what i put in the info box of the video:
"IF THE FATHER THING OFFENDS YOU: JUST KNOW THAT I WAS BEING SARCASTIC AND ITS A JOKE AND ITS FROM "STICK IT" calm down already. lol Also, i'm sorry about the jesus reference and its copyrighted to meghan a short little montage on how i don't like chellsie memmel. Don't worry, i respect her as a gymnast and blah blah blah blah blah. but i'm just saying that if i met her in real life, i wouldn't be her friend...and i'm not fond of her brand of gymnastics. NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED"

I specifically stated that i respected her as a gymnast and that i just wasn't a big fan of her. Granted, this video was a little harsh, but whatever. So this is what some person wrote. I don't even care what they're name was:

"r u serious?! if u met her in real life u WOULDNT BE HER FRIEND?!?! U hav no idea how she acts and if she is nice or not. I hav met chellsie during nationals 2006 and she is a very very nice person. u hav no reason to bmake a montage of chellsie and saying that u dont like her and that her form isnt very good! i bet that u cant do much of anything she can do so dont go around sayin "legs together!" or "horrible form!" becuz i bet u suck @ gym and r just jealous of her. F**K u and F** off!"

Is it just me, or am I allowed to not be friends with anyone i want? and Its my personal opinion that i have every right in the world to say i don't like someone. But i didn't write anything back, because he/she has his/her opinion and I have mine. Oh and don't worry, if chellsie memmel actually read these things i wouldn't put that up, now thats just mean.

Moral of the Story: If you don't agree with an opinion on youtube, don't write a comment about it because that person who made it will never care even if you know you are right./don't make a montage saying you don't like someone because that also doesn't work either.

PS: they didn't have to use language. i got the point off what they were trying to say. Whateva i'll prolly take it off soon enough or that kid will like shoot me. [with a paintball gun, of course]


Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Don't Mean to Bring up Ancient History, but...

mileycyrus990 is a pain in the "a" double snakes! and yes i do use "secret" language to express that one word for the audience under 12 [mileycyruss990 and company] and for the rest of us older folks: i meant ass. ANYWHO! oh! and can i just say that i hate typing out mileycyrus990? I NOW DECLARE HER NEW NAME IS: agatha. why agatha, you ask? because it reminds me of a witch, a big nose and everything wrong with society today. [i apologize to anyone out there with that as they're real name, i am deeply sorry for having to use it on such a horrid person]
Back to the actual point: the point is that theres a new sheriff in town and their youtube name is "mileycyrus990hater" best invention since spaghetti, and if you don't like spaghetti then you should try it because its delicious! Anyway, this girl posts all of mileycyrus's videos that she used someone else's footage in and give credit to the original montagers.
She also posted part of this very blog on her thing so that makes me happy. Please please please subscribe to her, not because you hate agatha, but because you want to stop montage stealing. See, its kinda like a bill named after a person. For instance "Kathy's Law" the law is prolly about preventing sexual abuse or something but Kathy inspired it because she was a victim. Now we have mileycyrus990hater and it is a campaign against stealing montages inspired by agatha! Except agatha isn't the victim but... you get what i mean, right? Okay, so just do me a favor and friend her on youtube!

please and thank you with an apple pie on top!


Saturday, November 15, 2008

Yay, International Assignments!!!

Okay, so USAG just announced the peeps their sending on thy "oh so prestigious" assignments internationale.

Pan American Gymnastics Union Individual Event Championships, Rosario, Argentina, Nov. 19-23

Corrie Lothrop
Rebecca Bross
Sam Shapiro
Olivia Courtney

good deal, i bet they'll bring home the gold. Its still unbelieveable to me that rebecca & company are now seniors. They still seem so little. But oh well.

Top Gym, Charleroi, Belgium, Nov. 28-30
Kamerin Moore
Jordyn Wieber

go figure, the Geddart Twins are going to the same international assignment...oh well, we all know that means they're going to win.

International Artistic Gymnastics Challenge, Woluwe Saint-Lambert, Belgium, Dec. 13
Amanda Jetter
Corrie Lothrop
Olivia Courtney

good job Amanda Jetter! nice to see you got an international assignment. too bad for Cassie Whitcomb though.

This just in, but not actually...
Chicago will host the 2009 Tyson Cup. I Wonder where nationals will be this year?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Politics of it All...

doesn't the off season suck?
waiting around...
just sittin'...

That election was...
never mind.

Los New Website-os

as many of you might already know, i'm completely in love with & [both run by the same person] and what do yah know? she/he [i don't remember who runs them] has fresh meat websites!!!!! yay! They're not up yet, but he/she is workin' on it!

Pua Hall [of GAGE]
Stefani Catour [of Desert Lights]
Sophina Dejesus [of SCEGA]
Sophia Lee [of WOGA]

cool, huh?

oh yeah! I forgot!

Congrats, we've once again proved. That Al Fong is crazy.

watch it! I feel so bad for Ivana! I would've punched him in the face and left that dump. I can't believe he's so abusive.

-peace out, girl scout-

Sunday, November 2, 2008


OKay, what the hell is audio swap? and why do i have to swap the audio of my montage? Excusemoi? I'm purty sure we make montages so they go with the song. Swaping the freaking audio is guy. Back off Kanye west... back off!

Okay so this is what happened: I got a message that says that i have to swap the audio of my one montage because it has been tagged as copyright infringement of the song (stronger by kanye west)

How gay is that?? reh-healy gay that's how gay. Like Tim Daggat Gay
Anyone else having these audioswap problems?
Digame (talk to me)

-Screw you Kanye West- [just kidding]