Sunday, October 26, 2008

Claire Hom Owns.

Let's face it: The kids that are Pre-elites now are the future. So, why not interview one? Plus, its easier to get one of them to agree to be interviewed then some already-known-too-good-too-famous-big-superstar-gymnast. Oh yeah, its way easier. So what about Claire Hom? I don't know. I felt i should prolly make it up to her from my last post since I showed her as an 11-year-old shawn johnson lover [and probably portrayed her as a disney lover too] and we definitely don't need anymore Mileycyrus990's of the world...if you know what I mean... so here's what she's really all about: Gymnastics! Go figure, no but seriously:

When&Why did you start gymnastics?
I started gymnastic when I was 2 1/2 years old because dance didn't drain enough of my energy. I started at the YMCA

What level are you competing this year?
I'm competing level 10 and pre-elite in the summer

What are some short term goals for you this year?
My short term goals are to have a good level 10 season. Hit 4 for 4 at every meet, and make it to JO Nationals. In really short terms I want to get a strong vault!

Any new skills this year?
The new skills I am working on bars are a reverse hect, stalder blind full, khorkina realese, double layout dismount. The skills I'm working on beam are a switch leg side aerial, front aerial to scale, 2.5 dismount and punch fronts. The skills I am working on floor are triple fulls[which i have landed on the floor but not yet in competition], double pikes, 2.5 punch fronts, and a triple turn. My vault is a little weak and I am working on yurchenko tuck half, tuck full, half-on front off, and a layout.

Are you planning on testing elite?
Yes, there are no qualifiers in Arizona this year so it will be an out of state competition

Are any of your teammates also reaching elite status?
Yes, actually quite a few are. First there is the most amazing person ever Stefani Catour, and theres Arianna Ruth, and Kayla McMullan. They all competed at the US Challenge with me. We also have a new gymnast at our gym, Mykayla Skinner who is also planning on elite.

Haha look at that: I WIN! Actually claire wins but same difference. Oh and you heard what she said about Stefani Catour. For real on the cereal tip: Shes sooo good too. click it to have your mind blown off <--- 11 years old, people!

Moral of the story: Watch out for Claire Hom and Stefani Catour for their future gymnastics endevears.


Sunday, October 12, 2008

I'm back, Baby!!!

yay! i'm back full time to blog until my blog can't possibly blog anymore. Thats nice, isn't it. Which means..... back to SARCASM! God, i've missed you old pal. But, know that Chellsie's gone... what will I be sarcastic about? Elfi Schlegel? French Toast? Coffee? New Mexico? Naw, how bout the new batch of Junior Elites gettin' websites! Yaaaaaaaaay for the 12 year olds! They are soo cute!
Hello my name is Claire Hom. I am a Scorpio. I like Hollister, Gossip Girl and Shawn Johnson. (like all 11 year olds do) I am a level 9 that calls myself a pre-elite. And i go to Desert Lights! Now, that was a little mocking... and I apologize... sorry. She is a cutie though so all is good. I'd expect to see her at Us Classic if not Championships in '09 so look out. Rawr.
Hi! I'm Briley Casanova and I will go to the 2012 olympics because I attend WOGA. I was coached by Anna and Valeri when I was 6 so i must be good. And It was my first year as a Level 10 and I made the Junior National Team... I WIN!!! She's pretty cool, no lie. Look out for her.. fur sure. Triples (beautiful) Beam (amazing)

~check it.