Wednesday, July 23, 2008

This Sucks

Well, everything that's great always has an ending I guess. My parents didn't exactly know that i had a blog so when they found out, they were pretty mad. I'm pretty much grounded from the computer until November. It's sucks majorly but I can deal with it. It just sucks that I can't talk to you guys or download olympic stuff or make montages. none of it. It's upsetting to say the least.

They said I was obsessed with all this. Granted, i was. I didn't think it mattered. I mean i want to go into film production and editing after high school but whatever.

But on better news:
YAY BRIDGET SLOAN!!! I truly never thought she could do it but congrats bridget! Okay and I'm totally okay with chellsie on the team because I know that she can be really helpful on bars but if she makes even one mistake, i'll prolly be reallllly mad. I mean sometimes i don't give the girl a break. I understand she works just as hard as all the other elites and that she is talented. But... i still don't like her. But... her bars is good and we need her. It's a love hate relationship between us.

Okay, well farewell to you all, maybe i'll get to go on early for good behavior. If i do, i'll letcha know.


EDIT: I don't think people fully understand me. I don't like chellsie memmel. true, but don't mistake for one minute that I don't respect what she did for the sport of gymnastics and the USA Gymnasts as a whole. She is a positive role-model. Most of what I say on this blog is just me being sarcastic. Please don't take it the wrong way because that would be unfortunate.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Oh! How being loved is such a burden!

I'm just kidding. I'm flattered that so many people request montages from me but really? I have 15 requests at the moment. Do I get anytime to do a montage about what I want? Huh? I really like that everyone wants a montage from me, but the more requests I get, the more likely it is that the montages aren't that good. So i shall take my sweet time with them. I hat when people are impatient with the montage. Wait like a couple days k? I just got back from europe and I'm leaving for volleyball camp on sunday, i have 3 days and then i go to an island, get back and leave for vacation. Luckily once july ends, i end too. I have absolutely nothing going on [except the olympics] in august, so that is where i shall get all my montages done. And a few inbetween vacations i guess. Here's where I stand:

flippinxgymnast Nica Hults IDK
llyssalu Nastia Liukin She Floats
gymnast116 Nastia and Shawn We Made It
llyssalu 1996 US Trials Iris [live]
adadancer7 Level 6 and 7 Colors
llyssalu Jordyn Wieber Rap Superstar/Superstar
dancetothebeattosing Press Handstands IDK
gymnastbabee9 Shayla and Sam Check Yes Juliet
deathblessme Sam Shapiro Stop & Stare
horsegirl04 Sam Peszek In the End
xogymnastbabexo US Trials Dream On
Horsegirl04 Chelsea Davis Desperately
Gymsurf101 Carly and Shawn Viva La Vida[gymnasttflipzz]
USAgymnast52 Jordyn and Kamerin Insurance?
Lem556 OlympicDreams IDK