Sunday, March 29, 2009

Lay a hand on her, and i will kill you.

HI, y'all! writing you from study hall. Pretty cool, eh? anywho. Have you heard about Shawn Johnson having a stalker? That's scary shit, man. [excuse my language] srsly. i don't like stalkers or movies about stalkers or anything of that matter. If that kid [or i should say old creepy man] ever touched her i would personally find him and beat the crap out of him, myself. Yah know what's even creepier that i just realized? He was probably watching montages of her online...yah, the ones we made. I don't want stalkers watching my montages!
ATTENTION ALL STALKERS: please refrain from watching my montages. You are disgusting and belong in go turn yourself in.... right about now.

lets all join together and protect shawny, mkay?
-love you too-

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Stuff for you to Comment!

haha. So new video up! on Jordyn Wieber. So go watch it pretty please!
I'm now taking 1 request only 1
so whoever gets to me first wins! lol.
on what my next montage should be about.
But you have to be subscribed to me on youtube.
Sorry! And if you don't have a youtube then you should get one! lol
And i've decided that my videos where the audio has been taken away due to copyright will be uploaded to gymnasttube and the link will be posted on the old video.
hey! got a myspace? facebook?
look me up!
friend me! pretty pretty please! lol

oh yeah and i though shawn's salsa was so good! I'm glad she's not wearing some of the outfits the other girls are wearing. Go Shawny! make sure to vote for her!

-love you too-