Friday, May 30, 2008

NBC Mania- Ashley Stott on TV?!?!?!?!

Now I learn they might possibly show the Classic on TV?!?!?! I may die. This is going to be the best day of my life! I just hope it's true!!

2008 Visa Championships - Women's
Broadcast Schedule:
June 7 - 4:00-6:00 p.m. ET* on NBC Sports

Women's U.S. Classic [and men's nationals]
Broadcast Schedule:
June 8 - 2:00-4:00 p.m. ET* on NBC Sports

2008 U.S. Olympic Team Trials
Broadcast Schedule:
Sat., June 21 - 8:00-10:00 p.m. ET* - Women's All-Around Finals - NBC Sports
Sun., June 22 - 7:00-9:00 p.m. ET* - Women's All-Around Finals - NBC Sports
Sun., July 6 - Noon-1:00 p.m. ET* - Men and Women - MSNBC

Now, don't anyone go making a montage of her before I do! I Have Dibs On Her!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Thank God for Smartkp

Thanks to "smartkp" for asking about the cga juniors. LOVE THEM! i wrote a comment about them, but they both will be my Unknown Athletes of the Day:

Amanda Jetter:
target="_blank" href="">

The Younger of the two [1994] made her first appearance in the junior elites last year. She made it to Nationals but failed to qualify for the National Team. This year however, I'm gonna say... top 10 atleast. This girl has such amazing potential. Check her out:

2007 [Level 10] State, Regional AND National Champion
2006 Level 9 Regional Champion
2008 US Classic 4th Place
Best Event: By far it's beam. She boasts a 6.1 A score opposed to the mid 5's for the other events. Floor is definitely good for her too.
My motto for her: BIG tricks... not so great consistency

Cassie Whitcomb:
2006 Top Gym All-Around Champion
A bit older than Amanda [1993] Cassie's strengths are definitely Floor, Beam and Bars. If she upgrades/improves her vault she would be a GREAT all-arounder.

Good Tricks: Double arabian, great fhs double full.... when she hits it.
What sets her apart from Amanda: much high start values and much more consistent. She has one more year of experience than Amanda, and showed it by qualifying for the 2007 Junior National Team and taking 3rd at the 2008 US Classic, one place above her teammate.
She is also known to layout her geinger like Nastia.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I REALLLLLLY Hate Imature Brats

What is with imature gymnastics brats on the web?
I had to deal with flippin Mileycyrus990 and now CarlyPattersonFan?

This is what she wrote on my Nastia Liukin Montage- Stronger:

"no offence but this video is so badi like the montage called Alicia, Nastia, Chellsie - Stronger Montage thats the bestest"

and I wrote:

"okay good for you? I don't really know what to say to that. Please don't comment me? I guess that's what i'll say because i really don't care what you think and I don't understand why you would comment me and tell me you don't like my video. oh... and i'll be blocking you because if you were a decent person, you would keep statments like that to yourself... oh and bestest isn't a word. "

and then, being the brilliant girl with words that she is, she told me politely:

"shut up!!!"

so i wrote:

"oh i am totally not going through this whole ordeal again. blocked!"

So Now she's Blocked


Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Life Is Complete, I Can Die Now!

she is my favorite gymnast besides Shantessa Pama and relatively unknown and she is amazing and she won!!!

That doesn't mean she will do too good at Nationals because none of the big names were at the Classic [Nastia, Shawn, Jana, Darlene, Shayla, Sam, Ivana or Bridget Sloan] But that doesn't mean she won't do good because now she's got to be PUMPED! i know i am.
OMG! They might even show her on TV!!!!
OMG! I'm def making a montage on her!!!

She is MY dark horse of the Olympics.

Speaking of Mattie Larson...

WTF?!?!? Mattie Larson?
If you are a first time senior you should go to the Classic. It should be mandatory or something. You're supposed to try out the competition first. DUH!

How do you think you're gonna stand up to the big girls? Chellsie is ENORMOUS in my opinion and it would be very unfortunate to get hit by her or her take you out with one of her legs while she's throwing another double pike with her legs NOT TOGETHER. [seriously they should just give chellsie a 0.00 if her legs aren't together]

Anyway, Ashley's AA score was a 58.250
yeah so what if Jordyn Wieber could beat you with only one arm? You did "your best" so this is my prediction for Nationals:

1. Shawn Johnson - 62.700 [idk i'm just estimating]
2. Nastia Liukin - 62.500 [taking in the "US competition" weighted scores]
3. Jana Bieger - 61.900
4. Shayla Worley - 61.500
5. Samantha Peszek - 60.300
6. Ivana Hong - 59.400
7. Mattie Larson - 59.100
8. Ashley Stott - 58.600
9. Ashley Priess - 58.100
10. Bridget Sloan - 57.900

YO! i'm done

Friday, May 23, 2008

Well as much as I like to agree...

you're wrong. It bothers me when me and a few others who know a lot about gymnastics can name like 100 gymnasts off the top of their head and some people don't even know who Mattie Larson is. She's 16 [just turned] and now because Ashley did a montage on her everyone is like "oh! mattie i'm rooting for her!" You should have been from the beginning. I hate when all people know about is Shawn and Nastia and few others and call themselves "someone who knows everything about gymnastics" You Don't. Now, i'm not saying I know everything about gymnastics. I know of very few current russians, romanians and chinese because of the fact that i've just been doing videos on US gymnasts. So I now feel that it is my duty to educate some people on some up and coming american gymnasts. So no one is terribly surprised when Ashley does a montage on them too.

Unknown Athlete of the Day:
Claire Boyce.
Born in: 1995
Gym: was Dynamo for a while but then she moved to GAGE <--- which is a factory for International Elites. Their athletes include: Rebecca Clark, Ivana Hong, Courtney McCool, Terin Humpfrey and Sarah Demeo... and now Claire Boyce.
Good Tricks: not many so far, although I did see her do a full twisting reverse hecht [haha! i used the full name!] but many of her great skills [including a back full on beam] are just in practice. Although she does do an AMAZING triple full.

yes, i did most of that from memory. Call me retarded, crazy or obsessed. I don't care. I remember a lot. I can tell you that much about probably 60 gymnasts.

Go ahead and ask.

2008 US Classic

Yay! it's finally here! Jordyn Wieber won the Jumior Division [big surprise] along with scoring and above 15 on 3 out 4 events. She managed to take the Floor, Bars, Beam, Vault and All-Around Titles. Rebecca Bross is no where to be found along with Jenna Rachels and other great talents from last year. Although, i did hear a rumor that Jenna broke her back. I asked the family to confirm or deny it but they never messaged me back so i'll have to keep that as JUST a rumor. Top five finishers were:

1)Jordyn Wieber
A: 5. 800 6.100 6.400 6.000
B: 9.200 8.900 9.000 8.950
Final: 15.000 15.000 15.400 14.950
2) Kamerin Moore

Final: 14.350 13.400 14.600 14.650

3) Cassie Whitcomb
Final: 14.050 14.800 13.800 14.100

4) Amanda Jetter

Final: 14.100 13.000 14.900 14.700

5) McKenzie Wofford

Final: 13.900 14.450 14.900 12.950

When senior results come out, i'll let you know what I think of all of the competitions winners

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Sam Peszek: Modest Much?

Don't get me wrong... Samantha Peszek is awesome. I think people really ignore the fact that she can also do a double double [def. not as good as shawn's but still] But, when you are not the BEST in the world you don't get to go around saying how good you get treated and how you're a little spoiled at your school. I'm just saying, if you're not the best, just don't do it. It makes you seem like you have an attitude.

Moving On!
And no matter how many people say that shawn puts on a "stupid fake smile" i will never believe it because
A) what's the point?
B) She was just a regular gymnast overwhelmed with being on TV and then all the sudden WAH BAM!!! Elfi Schlagel and gang hit her with a giant stamp on her forhead that says: NEVER LET ANYONE ELSE GET ANY ATTENTION EXCEPT FOR HER!

now nastia is upset because she's not in the spotlight and all the viewers are upset because all we ever see is shawn and her cute smile. I understand how that smile could turn into a "stupid, fake" one to some people after awhile.

My point is: don't blame shawn, blame elfi... and if it's absolutely neccesary you have my permission to blame chellsie. I don't know what for though yet. Don't worry i'll think of something.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Shayla Worley's Website: When Will It Return??

I love Shayla Worley... she's amazing and so cool.

i want to see her website. let me just type in the address and here it is


that's right. it has been "returning soon" since like a month ago. Other shayla fan's and I are getting restless.


Now, donate to her fund so that she can keep her NCAA eligablity and have her ENTIRE family go to Beijing. If she does...

which she will mostly because we have no bars people.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The World: I Shall Hate On It!

Why do deals never work out? I'll tell you why: because people never keep there promises. Am i the only one around here that acts the same to people online as i do to there face? Or is this an online community of backstabbers in real life too? Where did all the nice people go? There are only like six left in the entire world. My fate is lost in Alicia Sacramone for ever, she was my hero. Emphasis on was. I don't care what the rumors are. Rumors almost always have a truth to them. [Somewhere deep down in their satan core] My point of this evening is:

The Golden Rule
does anyone even friggin remember it?
well, you should
---end of sadness---

Friday, May 2, 2008

Montage Awards Winners!!!!!

Yo so listen up:
here's how it works, everyone voted, i tallied up the scores and wrote em down and these are the top winners in the first 5 catergories. Please don't argue with who won. If you wanted someone else to win, you should have voted/nominated. Kapisch? Gracias.
Now, for every first place finish, a person gets 3 points. Second Place is 2 points and Third is 1 point. At the end of the competition i add up all the points of each person and the top three are named:

The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All-Around Champion
The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All-Around Silver Medalist
The 2008 Youtube Montage Award All- Around Bronze Medalist

All of these including catergory titles may be bragged about where ever you feel. Now, YOU CAN STILL VOTE FOR THE OTHER CATERGORIES. Besides the first 5 because you now know new info about how to make people get medals. Think strategically, but please vote for good deserving montages:
or <--- to view the videos

And to Answer Your question yes, there will be a summer edition of this contest hopefull taking nominations by mid-June. I'll let you know the details later.

Okay, here it is:
Shawn Johnson Montage:

Gold Medal- Charloadams for Brilliant
Silver Medal- Charloadams for Pictures Of You
Bronze Medal [Tie]- cccam for Stand Up For The Champions
Ashleyakaflipper for SJ AM Cup. Can’t Stop This Feeling

Nastia Liukin Montage:

Gold Medal- Charloadams for Stronger.NastiaLiukin.Montage
Silver Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for So She Dances…
Bronze Medal- 8Gym0Chico8 for Nastia Liukin 2005-2007

Junior Elite Montage:

Gold Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for Rebecca Bross Someday I Will
Silver Medal- Charloadams for Jenna Rachels Let’s Dance
Bronze Medal- Cccam for Jordyn Wieber Weapons Wired

Gymnasts Just Like Us:

Gold Medal- cccam for cccam. What Gymnastics is.
Silver Medal- Ashleyakaflipper for Wild Horses
Bronze Medal- Upsidedwn4evr for Temporary Setback

Senior Elite Montage:
Gold Medal- Charloadams for Nastia.Shawn.OneOpportunity.
Silver Medal- D-TeeZ for Carly-My Love
Bronze Medal- Charloadams for Allison Taylor. Her Story.

Charloadams- 14 points
Ashleyakaflipper- 8 points
Cccam- 5 points
D-TeeZ- 2 points
Upsidedwn4evr- 1 pint
8Gym0Chico8- 1 point